A Broken-Hearted Valentine

On Valentines Day, in Parkland, Florida,
17 children didn't return home from school.
But the GOP can't break the grip of the NRA
after 18 school shootings—so far this year.

This week, as the Senate considers Dreamers,
the White House insists on mass deportations,
GOP senators push to tear apart families,
and McConnell refuses a simple Dream Act vote.

While the Olympics inspire the world,
Trump itches to launch a war
& right-wing pundits cheer on provocation
with North Korea, Iran & Syria.

This Valentine's day offered little love
for liberals with bleeding hearts
or for people with any hearts at all
leaving our national a little more broken hearted.

Spread the love, share the night reclaim our country,
as you share a drink & a discussion
at your local progressive social club.

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