The Charlottesville tragedy was an alarm
about the danger of white supremacy,
yet Trump downplays the bigoted terror
and apologizes for the hateful violence.

Trump stands by toxic advisers
and Republicans stand by Trump,
offering words, but no action, no censure
and no reforms to challenge the hate.

Only a few hundred in the streets,
but it followed a year of campaign rallies,
years of venom spewed on radio and TV,
decades of dog whistle politics
and conservatives making deals with the devil,
and centuries of structural white supremacy.

Many villains in the Charlottesville story
but heroes too, from those who protested,
rallied in solidarity, took down monuments,
and Heather Heyer who gave her life.

We stand with Charlottesvillians
against the CharlottesVillians,
in the ongoing fight for the future of America.

What a week. You need a drink
and to revive your spirits in solidarity
at your local progressive social club.

Find, or start, a chapter near you.