Dickens Couldn't Make This Up

The GOP passes an unpopular bill
that rewards their big donors
enriches senators & Trump himself,
& will let them claim there's no money left
for Medicare, Medicaid & Food Stamps.

The GOP races to get home for holidays
without funding CHIP for 9 million children,
passing Dream for 800,000 Dreamers,
providing relief for 1 million Americans
still without power in Puerto Rico.

Amidst resignations on the right and left,
& investigations creeping through DC,
the colluder-and-abuser-in-chief
gloats about what a good job he's doing.

Scrooge pales in comparison --
and at least he reformed by Christmas.
What's happening in Washington,
Dickens himself couldn't make up.

But even in the darkest night of the year,
Resistance shines bright across the country
& the beauty of the longest night,
is that it only gets lighter from here.

Raise a glass against the dark,
with levity, light, laughter & liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

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