Easy Comey, Easy Go-ey

Easy Comey, Easy Go-ey

A special counsel will now investigate
Trump’s team’s ties to Russia,
a turnaround from days before
for Trump’s Department of Injustice.

Some Republicans have now joined
the call for Comey to testify publicly
following reports of memos
that Trump attempted to obstruct justice.

And Trump’s team knew about Flynn
even before he was given this job.
And Trump kept texting Flynn
even after he lost the job.

Nobody can no where this will lead,
whether obstruction will be his destruction,
investigations will turn to impeachment,
or if the GOP will show an appetite for the truth.

But we can be sure that more shoes will drop,
and that Trump’s overall fortunes may prove
to be easy Comey, easy Go-ey.

Just marvel, revel, wonder, and ponder
as you share a drink and what you think
at your local progressive social club.

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