GOP: The Visions and Divisions

Trump offers competing visions for America —
that compete with Democrats, with Republicans,
and even competes with his own visions
that he’d stated just days before.

The Bushes and some senators peel off from Trump,
Paul Ryan backs away, then backtracks forward,
and many Republicans leaders try to avoid
admitting if they’ll back the Republican nominee.

And yet, Democrats, don’t be gleeful —
because Republican voters seem less divided
than the elected officials of their party,
and have unified behind Trump in recent polls
more quickly than anyone envisioned.

Are we on the brink of Republican division,
or might we fall prey to a Republican vision
of winning the White House behind a bigoted bully
who will give our nominee a run for the money?

An election year full of surprises
as candidates eye the highest prizes.

Get away from it all, and get in good company
as you share your visions and libations
at your local progressive social club.

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