How to Beat the DC Heat

Fireworks in the Senate committee room
as Democrats object, protesters interrupt,
and Cory Booker interjects records --
critical, but confidential -- into the hearings.

Brett Kavanaugh dodges on Roe,
hasn't thought about presidential powers,
can't commit on pre-existing conditions
& turns from a grieving Parkland father.

And as Trumpworld is rocked
by Woodword's revelations
& by an insider's anonymous op-ed,
Senate Republicans don't break stride
in pushing Trump's lifetime nominee.

This administration is on fire,
threatening to burn us all
but the GOP denies it's warming
-- it's time for them to feel the heat.

But there's one way to beat the DC heat:
If our voices can't cool this blaze,
then our votes will need to extinguish it.
In the meantime, it's a long, hot summer.

Cool of with cold drinks & chill company
at your local progressive social club.