It's Mourning in America

An antisemitic, misogynistic, white supremacist
as senior White House strategist
makes the chair of the divisive, destructive GOP.
becoming Chief of Staff seem downright reasonable.

A transition filled with conspiracy theorists,
rampant Islamapobes and real estate tycoons
is so dysfunctional and unnerving
it almost makes you nostalgic for Chris Christie.

And the winner of a minority of the popular vote
now steps up as the least prepared,
least respected, least liked person
to become president in US history.

No wonder the streets are filled with protest,
the airwaves and news feeds with disbelief,
and the faces of regular Americans filled
with the glazes and saddened look of shock.

Reagan once declared it was "morning in America."
Now, it's mourning in America.
And we still have 2 months until the Inauguration.

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