A New Plan for Trumpistan

Trump delivers a major speech,
his new plan to change course in Afghanistan
only it's not new, there's no plan
and we're not really changing anything

He threatens immigrants in Arizona,
the press at campaign rallies,
Republicans over angry tweets
and threatens a shutdown over his Wall.

A white supremacist leaves the White House
but Trump out-Bannons Bannon
on his Charlottesville response
and praise for Joe Arpaio.

A reckless temperamental leader,
speeches reversed a day later,
policy by tweet, demagoguery at rallies,
threats against checks and balances,
scapegoating vulnerable communities
all sound like the rambling rantings
of a would-be petty dictator.

Instead of a new plan for Afghanistan,
how about a new plan for Trumpistan?
Because this plan ain't working.

But that eclipse was cool and proved
Americans can unite, science is real
and the natural universe is incredible.

Hot rhetoric and hot nights
deserves chill company and cold beers
at your local progressive social club.

Drinking Liberally