Resist and Persist

Elizabeth Warren was silenced in Senate sessions
debating the appointment of racist Jeff Sessions.
She spoke the truth, was warned, and persisted,
a stand for justice against the Department of Injustice.

Democrats did unite in the fight to defeat DeVos,
and though they delayed, decried, they couldn’t derail
as a tie breaking vote from Mike Pence decided
a depressing, destructive choice for education.

As Trump’s court pick courts senators,
Trump courts a fight with the courts himself,
attacking judges who have stood up
to tell him to stand down on the Muslim ban.

On every front, Trump is giving Americans
reason to rise up and resist.
And Sen. Warren is giving us
the model to stand up and persist.

No need to resist good conversation and company
and we insist you raise your voice and a glass
as we persist in finding like minded left leaners
at your local progressive social club.

Find, or start, a chapter near you.