From Russia With Love

Trump seems to have taken Russia's support
as CIA evidence points to Russian efforts
to interfere with our elections,
... with Putin personally involved.

He took Russia's ally as Secretary of State,
the CEO of Exxon, a friend of Putin's
and basically a cartoon villain.

And he's taking Russian style politics
by entrenching oligarchy and kleptocracy
and pushing strongman autocrat tactics
in his cabinet picks, policies, and style.

So much for Republicans as Cold Warriors.
You can shout the "Russians are coming!"
But it seems they're already here.

Trump's new slogan might as well be,
"From Russia with Love."

And hey, nothing against Russian people.
It's just their autocrats and oligarchs we could do without.

From the Electoral College to holiday seasons,
emotions are running high and never a dull moment.
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