Scarier Than One Mad Man With A Nuke

Trump improvisationally threatens “fire and fury,”
Kim Jong Un’s team targets Guam,
as two mad men compete to be the Maddest Hatter.

Trump is mad at McConnell that health care failed,
McConnell is mad that that he’s dealing with Trump,
and 200 days in, Republicans are mad
that their Congress hasn’t achieved anything.

Manafort’s mad the FBI raided his home,
Kelly must be mad at the White House in disarray,
Tilerson’s mad that he’s constantly one tweet behind
and Trump’s mad at Sessions, Rosenstein & Mueller
and fuming mad he hasn’t fired them yet.

August recess is proving no vacation
as the madness of D.C. infects the nation
centered on the Mad Man at the NJ golf course.

But Trump’s North Korea insanity proves one thing.
There is something scarier than a mad man with a nuke
… and that’s two Mad Men with nukes.

Stop the madness.
Can’t you all find another recess game to play?

In the meantime, cool down with cold drinks,
cool company and chill conversation
at your local progressive social club.

Find, or start, a chapter near you