Shake Ups and Shake Downs

McConnell shakes the Senate down
to rush through a vote on a bill
that would attack the middle-class,
attack health care, benefit corporations
& nobody has had the chance to read yet.

Trump shakes up his team again
with leaks of changing Secretary of State,
and even more shaken by news
that Flynn might cooperate with Mueller.

Matt Lauer. Russell Simmons.
Garrison Keillor. John Conyers.
As #MeToo continues to spread,
culture and corporations shake
... will government be next?

From a tax scam that'd be an earthquake
to give billionaires a tax break
to cultural moments that cause a double-take,
it's a week of shake-ups and shake-downs
that leave us all shaken, not stirred.

Your thirst you'll slate & talk the stakes
with like-minded, left-leaning liberals
at your local progressive social club.

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