Time to Build a Wall Around Trump?

Trump went to Mexico with one message.
He then came to a rally in Arizona
and returned to trumped-up bigotry
calling immigrants dangerous criminals.

After a year of hard-line immigrant bashing,
Donald claimed he'd migrated to moderation,
then backed away, then re-migrated,
and has landed on both sides of the border.

While Trump claims to speak to African Americans,
he does so before all-white audiences,
and continues to earn the enthusiastic support
of white supremacists emboldened by his run.

His campaign associates with criminals,
he incites violence, and he dodges taxes.
Sounds like his attacks on the undocumented
all point right back at Donald himself.

Maybe it's time we build a wall around Trump.

Break down barriers, build bridges, imbibe beers,
as you share big ideas and a buoyant evening
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.