Unhealthy, Unwealthy, Unwise

The majority of Americans, including Republicans,
dislike the GOP plan to repeal Obamacare,
which would increase the uninsured by 24 million.
So Paul Ryan tries to pass it even more quickly.

The courts again block Trump’s Muslim ban,
noting the same problems of the first Muslim ban
which had already been ruled unconstitutional.
So Trump just pledges to try it again.

Trump’s 2005 taxes tell us what we know:
That there’s far more we need to know
about who he owes and his entanglements.
But his team is focused on bizarre wiretap claims
to deflect from the calls to investigate his Russia ties.

And meanwhile, Trump has a budget
that cuts the EPA, NEA, Meals on Wheels and PBS.
But puts more money into missiles and The Wall.

From a plan to attack our healthcare,
to a budget that eviscerates our communities
to unconstitutional influences and assaults,
the GOP agenda is Unhealthy, Unwealthy and Unwise.

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