Unnatural Disasters

Hurricane Harvey battered Houston and beyond
flooding one of America’s largest cities.
The role of climate change isn’t yet certain
but given the storm’s force and ferocity,
there’s nothing normal about this disaster.

Heroic relief efforts are underway
but aren’t helped by years of Republicans
undermining disaster relief funding,
and underinvesting in government services
that tens of thousands of Americans will need.

While we should rightfully be focused
on how to aid those in the storm’s aftermath,
Trump’s also distracting us with tax cuts for the rich
and conflict with his own military leaders
over North Korea and transgender service members.

When a disaster strikes like Harvey,
Americans—and the world—pull together.
But when right-wing politicking pushes in,
“natural” disasters can have unnatural consequences.

Raise a wish for the people of Texas and Louisiana,
and raise a glass and raise your questions with friends
at your local progressive social club.

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