Unsilent Plight, Unholy Fright

In the season of “peace on Earth,”
Trump talks of expanding our nuclear arsenal
and picks fights with foreign leaders on Twitter.

In the season “good will to all,”
he repeats calls to ban Muslims
and nominates a frightening crew
of authoritarians, xenophobes, and oligarchs.

We sing ’tis the season to be jolly,
but images of an assassination in Turkey,
the death toll of a killing in Germany,
and the reports out of bloody Aleppo
give this season a very different tone.

Carols invoke “silent night, holy night,”
but the dangerous man in the Tower
and the unsettled world around us
fills this unusual holiday season
with unsilent plights and unholy frights.

Hopefully we’ll all hear our better angels
and yet again find tidings of comfort and joy.

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