What the Kremlin and the NRA Have in Common

Trump escalates violence in the Middle East,
recklessly moves the U.S. Embassy,
destroys any prospects for peace,
& now could derail North Korea talks.

He calls immigrants "animals,"
he calls Mueller a witch-hunt,
& attacks investigations into his campaign
as a scandal bigger than Watergate.

Kushner's getting bailed out by Qatar,
Sheldon Adelson's buying his agenda in DC,
& Cohen was getting payments from Trump
despite long-running claims to the contrary.

And now a Republican-led committee reports
the Kremlin used the NRA to access Trump
& influence American elections.

What do the Kremlin & the NRA have in common?
They both wanted to see Trump in power --
and both are seeing a good return on investment.

Oliver North. Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump.
If only it were the set-up for a bad joke.

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