Drinking Liberally at The Urban Onion 7 PM Monday Night, September 3, 2012

Hi all,

"Okay, well, apart from the eight-hour work day, and the forty-hour work week, weekends, sick days, vacation days, paid leave, maternity leave, workplace safety regulations and health standards, social security, the minimum wage, pensions, worker insurance plans and benefits, child labor laws, the retirement age, unemployment insurance, disability pay, overtime pay, laws regarding discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and the downfall of the Polish Communist Party... what have the unions ever done for us!?" - http://matt-rock.newsvine.mobi/_news/2011/02/26/6140307-what-have-the-un...

Let’s meet up and toast Labor on Labor Day! Bring your thoughts, bring a liberal friend, and forward this to other liberal drinkers you know. If you’re a newcomer, look for the DL logo table toppers on our table(s). This link will open a GoogleMap to show the location of the Urban Onion: http://g.co/maps/eu8pf

Brian Hall & Kathryn Scott