Put Down that Beer for a Minute -- Your Country Needs You!

Please join us on Wednesday, July 23 as we do something a little different. In response to his overwhelming grassroots support, Sen. Barack Obama has invited everyday Americans to contribute ideas and suggestions to the party platform. So, in conjunction with Venice for Obama, we are using this month's Drinking Liberally meeting to open the floor and invite you to express your vision for a post-Bush America. There will also be beer. The writing of most of our founding documents was fueled by copious amounts of alcohol, so this should work perfectly!

So next Wednesday, come to DL and talk about what issues are most important to you, and what should be at the heart of a new platform for change.

For more information, click here:

When: Wednesday, July 23, 7p.m.-whenever
Where: Nocturnal bar, 2101 Lincoln Blvd
(just south of Pico/corner of Grant/east side of Lincoln)
- street parking
- no food on-site, but feel free to bring or order in

We look forward to hearing your ideas -- and having some fun,
Your Westside LA Co-hosts,
Dave, Gisele, Jim, Marc and Mary