We meet at the "41 TapHouse", as always.

We meet at the "TapHouse 41" located just west of Scheels on 41st St. Happy hour lasts 'til 6:00. It makes the evening very affordable.

In Trivia News: Virginia and Kay won our Trivia Contest's $80.00 Grand Prize last week. They asked that their winnings be contributed to the Billie Sutton for Governor Campaign. Having heard Billie give a strong speech at the Central Labor Council's Labor Day Picnic, I agree with their choice. Billie will represent the Democratic Party well and he will make a fine Governor. With Virginia and Kay's victory, our Prize Pool drops to $15.00 today. It could all be yours or you could contribute your winnings, as Virginia and Kay did, to a cause or a campaign of your choice.

In Politics, Internationally: Uhg. Trump is still President. He has allowed Putin, the man who invaded former Soviet Georgia and the Ukraine, attacked our allies in Syria, threatens our NATO allies in Eastern Europe and meddled in our 2016 elections, to pose as a peacemaker in Korea and to strategize with our allies in East Asia. I don't know why Republicans continue to support Trump.

Nationally: Hurricane Irma is about to punish the entire state of Florida for electing George W. Bush President in 2000 and voting for Trump in 2016. God told me so. He is apparently into collective and random punishment and still angry about the whole Adam and Eve thing.

Here is this week's summary of national progressive news, political cartoons, and opinion:

In South Dakota: As a public service, I restate our critique of the South Dakota Democratic Party's (SDDP's) summer voter registration drive:

"The results of the Great South Dakota Democratic Party's (SDDP's) 2017 Voter Registration Drive are in and over the summer Democratic voter registration declined by 5390. To clarify, the goal of the registration drive was to increase Democratic voter registration.

In fairness to the SDDP, counties throughout South Dakota updated their voter registration lists and expunged registrants who had not voted recently. Every political party experienced registration declines this summer, registration drive or not. Republican registration fell by 5081, Independents by 1811, and Libertarians by 25. Still, Democratic registration fell the most. As unlikely as it is, the SDDP's leadership and staff might want to reevaluate their approach to voter registration…… just saying."

I need a drink. Join our merry crew at Drinking Liberally tonight.

Don't let our name mislead you. We drink conservatively from 5:00 to 5:08, moderately 'til 5:15 and liberally to whenever. But, if you stay for karaoke, you may have stayed too long. And, as the Beer and Alcohol Companies encourage, we always drink responsibly.
Location: The "TapHouse 41", just west of Scheels on 41st St. in Sioux Falls.
When: 5:00 PM (almost) every Friday, Until: Whenever.
Hosts: Sheldon Osborn 376-6852, Mel Thaler, Wyatt Bordewyk, and other progressive people too numerous to mention.