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  • Drinking Liberally Pasadena
    Tuesday, September 2, 2014: 7:30pm - 10:00 pm


    Dupar's (formerly Hamburger Hamlet)
    214 S. Lake Ave. Free parking in rear, with entrances front and rear.
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DL for 8/27/14

Hello everyone. Sorry about the delay.

Today's possible topics for Drinking Liberally at the Orchard Restaurant in Claremont.

In Richard Wolff speech "Democracy at work: The cure for Capitalism", he thinks the cure for capitalism is to bring democracy into the workplace. Corporations are short-sighted tyrannical structures where decisions are made at the top, in secret by board members, Shareholders and the CEO who they hired to focus on nothing but increasing the profit margins which in turn serves their vested interests. Cooperatives are much more ethical and much closer to participatory democracy in that the workers in Mondragon for example, are involved with the decision making, not a few of shareholders who have no allegiance to anyone except the CEO or to the community that is being exploited and perhaps polluted by them without accountability etc.

Ferguson Missouri and other impoverished communities provide revenue for the massive prison industrial complex to the tune of $40 million a year. It is an incentive to to perpetuate this system which steals the lives of people of color which in turn sustains the prison industrial complex and the spill-off to an increasingly militarized police force.

Thomas Stubbs

DL meeting 8/20/14

'm Back! The DL meeting will be at the Orchard Restaurant in Claremont, it is in the Double Tree Hotel.

Wikileaks brings to the fore exactly what this Trade agree actually will do to us. Do you want the corporatocracy to have more power than governments? Do you corporatocracy to not be accountable for anything? All of theseFree trade agreements are a secret until someone with integrity sees it and blows the whistle. TISA is an assualt on Democracy and they make the decision in complete secrecy and put these agreements on the fast track.

"Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) - Financial Services Annex

Today, WikiLeaks released the secret draft text for the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) Financial Services Annex, which covers 50 countries and 68.2%1 of world trade in services. The US and the EU are the main proponents of the agreement, and the authors of most joint changes, which also covers cross-border data flow. In a significant anti-transparency manoeuvre by the parties, the draft has been classified to keep it secret not just during the negotiations but for five years after the TISA enters into force.

Despite the failures in financial regulation evident during the 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis and calls for improvement of relevant regulatory structures2, proponents of TISA aim to further deregulate global financial services markets. The draft Financial Services Annex sets rules which would assist the expansion of financial multi-nationals – mainly headquartered in New York, London, Paris and Frankfurt – into other nations by preventing regulatory barriers. The leaked draft also shows that the US is particularly keen on boosting cross-border data flow, which would allow uninhibited exchange of personal and financial data.

Read the full press release here.

[1] Swiss National Center for Competence in Research: A Plurilateral Agenda for Services?: Assessing the Case for a Trade in Services Agreement, Working Paper No. 2013/29, May 2013, p. 10.

[2] For example, in June 2012 Ecuador tabled a discussion on re-thinking regulation and GATS rules; in September 2009 the Commission of Experts on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System, convened by the President of the United Nations and chaired by Joseph Stiglitz, released its final report, stating that "All trade agreements need to be reviewed to ensure that they are consistent with the need for an inclusive and comprehensive international regulatory framework which is conducive to crisis prevention and management, counter-cyclical and prudential safeguards, development, and inclusive finance."

Click on the partners listed to the left for their articles on this TISA Financial Services Annex.

Download the full secret TISA Financial Services Annex as PDF here.
I'm back
Download Analysis Article of secret TISA Financial Services Annex as PDF here or read it online here."

Should we designate a Summer party pot luck? Shall we make arrangements at this late date? It would be nice.

Thomas Stubbs

DL meeting 8/13/14

Hello everyone! I will not be attending DL this week as I am taking my children on a camping trip. A much needed break from the mechanized world. The meeting will still occur at the same place and time however. Let me know what happens, there is so much to talk about.
Thomas Edward Stubbs

DL 8/06/14

Hello everyone. The meeting is at the Orchard Restaurant inside the Double Tree Hotel in Claremont. I hope to see you all there to join in the festivities.

Weapons expert and Professor at MIT Theodore Postol, States that the interceptor missiles have a less than 5% chance of knocking enemy missiles out of the air. So why is Obama giving more money for iron dome project in Israel? It is a waste of money for an already execrable rogue country.
We see absolutely no damage to the infrastructure of the Israel occupied territories called Israel, because the firecrackers or what Norman Finkelstein refers to as projectiles are not all that powerful (Only about 20 lbs worth of explosives) as compared to the 1 ton bombs striking 7 UN shelters in Gaza, in one of the most densely populated places in the world with people who are trapped and no where to escape because of the open air prison conditions. So is Israel a war criminal country?
It is a dismal state of affairs, but I still think peace can be achieved. The problem lies within the very elite that start these wars and ultimately use our population to fight their wars. The oilygarchs are willing to meddle in Middle East affairs to get what they want and all they see is the prize that is immediately in front of them, no consideration for future generations are a concern, not even their own children, though they manage to keep their own from fighting in the wars that they start. We have to not just remove these people from power we have to change the systems of power altogether. Our government is owned by the Oilygarchs (and other special interests i.e. Corporatocracy,, banksters etc), they are forced to be in lockstep with whatever the special interests are as opposed to what the masses want and need. Our taxes are used for wars, bail-outs, corporate subsidies, banksters etc. We have too many centralized interests to be a functioning democracy. We all know that petro dollars are not a sustainable way to go as we run out of it and squander it and speculate its value on a world market. We have to seek a sustainable market that does not rely on attaining resources from backwards countries (or those countries we inadvertently radicalized through installing dictatorships and so on), we have to save the very life support system we need to survive and the oilygarchs are not at all concerned or intelligent enough to see the real problems. People in general have to educated regarding the long term survival of this planet and they are not going to get it from corporatocracy and bankster owned media. I know I'm singing to the choir here. TS

DL 7/30/14

Hello everyone. The meeting will be at the same place and time, that is the Orchard restaurant inside the Double Tree Hotel in Claremont.

There is so much going on and I have little or no time during finals week to write anything this time. I am looking forwards to having a lively conversation Wednesday.

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