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    Dupar's (formerly Hamburger Hamlet)
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DL meeting 10/29/14

DL 10/28/14 Hello everyone The meeting will take place at the Orchard Restaurant inside the Double Tree Hotel,in Claremont on Foothill Blvd. I will be very late this time around. Sorry about that.

The sixth Extinction level crisis. Are we up to making changes to curb this crisis? "The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is releasing its Synthesis Report in early November. The report is the culmination of 5 years of research by 2,000 scientists that cites 5,000 pages of evidence. All this is backed up by 30,000 pieces of research and 143,000 expert comments.

All this work leads to several key conclusions: Climate change is happening now and its effects are being felt all over the globe. If we don't take immediate action to reduce our emissions we will face irreversible changes to our climate – there are solutions, but they must be put into place NOW." From 350.0rg.

Are you all getting nonsense in the mail from candidates and special (Specious) interests? Should we judge the candidate on how much paper he/she wastes in producing campaign adds?

DL meeting for 10/22/14

Hello fellow DL members. The meeting will be at the Orchard Inn Restaurant in Claremont tomorrow 10/22/14 from 6:45--9:30 pm.

The Ebola scare tactics over the last few weeks are nothing but a means by which to control the pusillanimous conservatives and make them vote against their own interests in November. There is a pattern of scare tactics and people like Rush Limbaugh (The life support system for anal cysts) are making outrageous claims that Obama allowed Ebola into the country. The reason why outbreaks occur in African countries like Sierra Leone is because of the IMF, World Bank imposed "structural adjustments" (AKA Austerity measures) according to Ralph Nader in last Saturday's Pacifica show on KPFK 90.7 FM (you know, the only radio station that reports the news).

"BREAKING: By a vote of 79-18, the Senate just voted to advance a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United. The vote is an historic landmark which demonstrates the overwhelming public support for limiting corporate money in elections. SHARE if you demand money out of politics. LIKE our page US Uncut and invite your friends to like us too!" ‪#‎getmoneyout‬ Next we must remove Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, Alito and Roberts from their job as Justices. They are nothing but shills for corporatocracy and banksters.

Dr Perlmuter's indictment of Gluten is rather inflammatory to say the least.

Common Core is not what we might think or believe it is.

They are going to spray this stuff at my daughters school and it is one of thew major causes of Bee colony Collapse along with Neonicotinoids. Whay are we poisoning this planet and ourselves?
Fipronil is a broad-use insecticide that belongs to the phenylpyrazole chemical family. Fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide that disrupts the insect central nervous system by blocking GABA-gated chloride channels and glutamate-gated chloride (GluCl) channels, resulting in central nervous system toxicity. This causes hyperexcitation of contaminated insects' nerves and muscles. Specificity of fipronil on insects may come from a better efficacy on GABA receptor, but also because GluCl channels do not exist in mammals.[1]

C U there! Thomas Stubbs

DL meeting for 10/15/14

10/15/14 Hello fellow DL members. The meeting will take place at the Orchard Restaurant inside the Double Tree Hotel,in Claremont on Foothill Blvd.

I have received the information for Prop 1. It is the entire booklet and the Sample Ballot. I am curious as to whom the candidates are and whether they serve the interests of the Neoliberal world or "we the people" (DINO's and RINO's are difficult to tell apart).

Dr Gerald Horn brought up the fact that the US Revolution occurred largely because of the fact that England was ending the Slave system and the US wanted to continue it. Source KPFK 90.7 Sojourner Truth hour interview with Dr Gerald Horn.

A very concise description with quotes by Columbus, shipmates and Priests regarding the treatment of the Natives of Hispaniola (AKA Haiti and the Dominican Republic). Happy Native American Genocide Day. And let's ad that he also started the slave trade and child sex slave trade as quoted from Columbus and others with him..Herer's Thom Hartman talking about what really happened not the white wash.

DL meeting for 10/09/14

10/09/14 Hello fellow DL members. The meeting will be at the Orchard Restaurant located within the Double Tree Hotel, Wednesday 10/08/14. The time will be from 7:00--9:00 pm but if you are seeking liquid amusement aids at Happy hour prices be there before 7:00 pm. By the way, why was "Happy Hour" created?

I would like to express my gratitude for the discussion last week about propositions 1, 2, 45, 46, 47 and 48. I learned so much regarding all of the more nuanced views introduced to the discussion. I think that as we acquire all of the ads for the candidates we must discuss who they are and whether their pockets are lines with the likes of ALEC, Koch industries, AFP, Neoliberal (Neoclassical) nonsense etc. We are also awaiting more info on prop 1. I am learning so much about the local politics as I am concerned about who influences the candidates on a greater scale.

Who assassinated democratically elected Patrice Lumumba? What was the reasoning underlying his assassination? How is this similar to numerous other coups throughout the world?

Thomas Stubbs

DL meeting 10/01/14

Hello fellow radicals The meeting will be this Wednesday at the same time and place namely the Orchard Restuarant inside the belly of the Double Tree Hotel (which has better cookies than Keebler. The meeting normally starts at about 7:00 but if you want to catch the happy hour arrive before that time. The meeting is in Claremont off of Foothill Blvd. Bring your California General Election booklet and be ready for a discussion about all of the props and the accompanying pork (some from Repiglicans others by DINO's AKA., Democrats In Name Only).

Members of the League of Women Voters, Susan Hough and Elaine Manley, discuss and analyze the Pros and Cons of the California November 2014 ballot measures. They discuss Proposition 1, the Water Bond, Proposition 2, Budget Stabilization Account; Proposition 45, Health Insurance Rates; Proposition 46, Medical Negligence Initiative; Proposition 47, Criminal Sentencing; Proposition 48, a referendum on Gaming Compacts. This program was aired on KMVT15 Community Media. Here's the link:

Maria Armoudian interviewed Author/activist Steve Almond about his new book this Sunday at 12 pm on KPFK 90.7 FM radio. The Book "Against Football: A Leftist Manifesto" tackles the rather violent history of football and all of the implications it has today. My son plays football and he is really good at it, but it doesn't mean that I should not be so concerned for his well being. One fact that stands out is that 1/3 of all football players get brain damage from injuries, that includes Professional and High School and College. Here's the link:

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