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DL 11/26/14

DL Meeting 11/26/14 Hello everyone The meeting will take place at the Orchard Restaurant inside the Double Tree Hotel in Claremont on Foothill Blvd from 7-9:30 pm. I realize that some of you will be vacation so I narrowed the potential topics down so you have time to ruminate over the holidays on why you are thankful.

Should we change the name to Living or Laughing Liberally?

The CIA has a long and sordid history of torture starting back with Dr Cameron who was financed by the CIA in Canada to experiment on innocent civilians according to Naomi Klein in her book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism". I think that the CIA torture records should be opened up. What is your opinion?

DL meeting 11/19/14

DL Meeting 11/19/14 Hello everyone The meeting will take place at the Orchard Restaurant inside the Double Tree Hotel in Claremont on Foothill Blvd. The following is just a small fraction of I have covered in my correspondences this week.

President Obama is urging the Federal Communications Commission to protect ‪#‎NetNeutrality‬. Read his plan to keep the internet open and free → This is a bipartisan issue, everyone I know wants this including my conservative friends.

President Barack Obama, during an overseas trip, has made one of his boldest statements on ‪#‎KeystoneXL‬ yet. It's time for the Senate to listen and vote ‪#‎NOKXL‬. Take action: " Understand what this project is: It is providing the ability of Canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the Gulf, where it will be sold everywhere else." President Obama, November 14/2014

So a staff member of the Bush administration was caught doctoring up scientific findings on global warming , so he quit his job with the excuse that he "wanted to spend more time with his family," a few days later he got a job with Exxon/Moboil. From "Everything Is Cool" Documentary with Bill McGibbon and other environmentalists.

Regarding Nikola Tesla on the 159th anniversary of his Birthday November 14. Free energy is a conflict of interest with the oilygarchs, Thomas Edison and other energy resources. What he offered was not based on a profit motive. "The inventor spoke eight languages, and had a photographic memory—he could memorize and recite entire books, as well as visualize and build devices without writing anything down." Learn just how much the world owes to Tesla's genius:

This is from a real presidential candidate, Not a product or well financed dog and pony show courtesy of the Banksters and corporatocracy. TS
Bernie Sanders uploaded a new video: A Seniors Hunger Crisis. "More than 5 million American seniors face the threat of hunger and 1 million a year go hungry, according to a report released on Tuesday by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) at a hearing of a Senate panel he chairs. Poor nutrition can cause chronic diseases that require costly hospital or nursing home care, according to the report released at a meeting of the Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging."

Police Civil Forfeiture wish list? Hmmmm! Look it up it is pretty disgusting blemish on the top of the cancerous tumor the militarized Police departments have become. TS

Thomas Stubbs

DL Meeting for 11/12/14

DL Meeting 11/12/14 Hello everyone The meeting will take place at the Orchard Restaurant inside the Double Tree Hotel,in Claremont on Foothill Blvd.

"Modern Americans behave as if intelligence were some form of deformity" Frank Zappa

"Science is not a liberal conspiracy" T-Shirt design.

For Veterans day the unvarnished truth about the war from the perspective of Thomas Young who died on the eve of Veterans day. Thanks Thomas for all you have done for us serving our country in both war and peace activism. 11/11/14

22 Veterans commit suicide a day, they must be saved from doing this. I suggest that we divert the money from the rather counterproductive (actually destructive) Pentagon budget and instead spend it on helping all of our veterans. Shame on our government! Shame on the military industrial congressional complex!

DL Important notice

For 22/05/14. Hello everyone The meeting will take place at the Orchard Restaurant inside the Double Tree Hotel,in Claremont on Foothill Blvd.

The California Supreme Court removed prop 49 from the ballet. This prop was meant to eliminate Citizens United. I caught this on the Lila Garrett show this morning on KPFK 90.7 radio. We were denied our right to vote on this but we can deny Kathryn Werdegar and and Goodwin Liu from their Supreme Court office by voting NO on the Ballet. Page three on the sample ballet.
Vote NO on Justices Kathryn Werdegar & Goodwin Liu
The California Supreme Court removed Proposition 49, the Overturn Citizens United Act from the November 2014 ballot, disenfranchising every voter in California. Don't be silenced! Remove Werdegar and Liu from the bench. is the site to look at everyone.

It appears that Prop 1 is in fact a big giveaway to big businesses like giant agribusinesses, Bechtel, Fracking industry and others will benefit from this and very little will be done to conserve water and fix water infrastructure. Follow the money!

The collusion between Blue Shield, Kaiser, Healthnet, and Aetna (?) makes them a big money cartel, not health care providers. Vote yes on prop 45 so they don't arbitrarily hike prices. Right now they have free reign to jack up prices 20% each year. Let's put an end to their price gouging! It is illegal to make money off of sick people in Europe, profit motive in Health Care does not exist in European countries, we should follow their lead.

See you all there Thomas Stubbs

DL meeting 10/29/14

DL 10/28/14 Hello everyone The meeting will take place at the Orchard Restaurant inside the Double Tree Hotel,in Claremont on Foothill Blvd. I will be very late this time around. Sorry about that.

The sixth Extinction level crisis. Are we up to making changes to curb this crisis? "The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is releasing its Synthesis Report in early November. The report is the culmination of 5 years of research by 2,000 scientists that cites 5,000 pages of evidence. All this is backed up by 30,000 pieces of research and 143,000 expert comments.

All this work leads to several key conclusions: Climate change is happening now and its effects are being felt all over the globe. If we don't take immediate action to reduce our emissions we will face irreversible changes to our climate – there are solutions, but they must be put into place NOW." From 350.0rg.

Are you all getting nonsense in the mail from candidates and special (Specious) interests? Should we judge the candidate on how much paper he/she wastes in producing campaign adds?

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