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*NO* Meeting Tomorrow

FYI, we will NOT be having our usual meeting tomorrow. We're making some internal adjustments and will return with information shortly.

See you in 2 weeks,

Meeting tomorrow, 16th April 2014

Join us tomorrow at 7PM for a bit of the same-ol'-same-ol'.

We'll be at Quality Social (789 6th Ave). Meeting starts at 7PM. Wine bottles half price as always.


Meeting 2 Apr 2014

Hello all,

We're ready for our regular meeting at Quality Social (789 6th Ave), 7PM this Wednesday.

If you haven't already you should come check out their new menu! They have desserts now, too! And they've made some new changes to the wine list that we've been enjoying, not to mention that the wine bottles are half price on Wednesdays.

See you there,

Meeting this Wednesday: 19 March 2014

Whew! I hope everyone had a great St Patrick's Day!

If you've recovered enough by Wednesday, come down to Quality Social (789 6th Ave) at 7PM and we'll drink some more! And if you're hungry, you can try some of the great new menu items they've added.

See you Wednesday!

Drinking Liberally Meeting: Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Come down to Quality Social (789 6th Ave) tomorrow, 5 March, at 7pm for half-price bottles of wine, new specials, whiskey pairings and pickle backs!

See you there,

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