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DL-DSM : 2016 Primary Edition

While all the media attention maybe focused on the Presidential primaries being held around the country, it is also primary day here in Iowa with important races for the US Senate and US House on the Democratic side here in Central Iowa. Polls are open from 7 AM until 9 PM. So get out there and make your voice heard by casting your ballot.

You can find your polling place by using the link below.

Your voting co-hosts
Donni and Steve


Hessen Haus is closed for remodeling so we are meeting at Court Ave Brewery tonight.

Donni and Steve

DL-DSM : Holiday Spirits Edition

Hello Everyone,

Well it is that time of year again. Donni and I want to wish all of you a Happy Holidays and the best for you and yours. And if you are traveling for the holidays, have a safe trip.

Because Christmas Eve and New Years Eve both fall on Thursdays this year we will not be having our regularly scheduled Drinking Liberally Des Moines for the next two weeks. So we will see you again in the new year starting January 7th, at the 8 pm at Hessen Haus.

If you can not wait that long for your next DL fix. Several of us will be gathering at Goodsons on Christmas Eve for some drinks and good cheer. So if you you can not take yet another round of Aunt Bertie's Holiday Fruit Cake or you need something stronger than another round of eggnog then come out and say hi. We will be there starting about 8 pm.

Your full of the holiday spirits co-hosts,

Donni and Steve

DL-DSM : Bomb babies, Bomb Edition

Join us tonight at 8pm at Hessen Haus. Look for the red, white and blue striped bottle!

Well the conservative clown car pulled into Las Vegas this week for the fifth Republican Presidential Candidate debate. And like much of the vaunted Sunset Strip it was full of glam and glitter and very little substance. In the continuing race to the bottom on foreign policy, all of the candidates seemed quite willing to bomb first and ask questions later. In a debate that centered on National Security, it was amazing how many of them were so woefully inadequately prepared to understand the real intellectual rigors of foreign policy. In what can only be described as reminiscent of "Drill, baby, drill", this time it was "Bomb babies, bomb". *editor's note: yes, the punctuation is correct in this case :-)*

Else where in the news a small conservative college in Illinois has suspended a professor for daring to say that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. For the outside it is not clear which is more troubling that the university has zero understanding of the historical roots of both religions or that they view academic freedom so suspiciously.

And in local news, Governor for Life Terry Branstad's plans to privatize medicaid have run into yet another snag as the state has been told to delay the process by 90 days. It seems that instead of adequately preparing for the transition, the governor was just going to throw the program over the wall and hope everything worked out.

Your wondering when winter showed up again co-hosts

Donni and Steve

DL-DSM: Happy Hanukkah Edition

Join us tomorrow at 8pm at Hessen Haus. Look for the red, white and blue striped bottle!

In Trump News: Less than two months from the caucus and The Donald is still in first place on the Republican side. The more he appalls those with even a modicum of a shred of decency, the more the Republican base swoons. His latest gambit is to disallow Muslims coming to America. He will screen for Muslims by asking people if they are Muslim. That'll stop the good folks at ISIS! PS—He is just going to get worse and his followers will follow him all the way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In 9/11 News: Even Jon Stewart is unable to make the Congress renew the bill that extends health care coverage to 9/11 first responders. More than 4500 first responders have cancer related to their work in the aftermath of the attack. Apparently, Congress is too busy kicking puppies and making orphans cry to make passing this bill a priority.

In War on Christmas News: Have you guys seen the tree in front of the state capitol? It looks like someone just half-assed draped some lights on it.

Your ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ co-hosts,
Donni and Stephen

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