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Maddow Chides Democrats

Cowardly Dems have run away from Obama and the ACA they voted for. Instead of taking pride in insuring millions of Americans, they let GOPers off the hook for their deranged trashing of the ACA

Maddow suggested that if Democrats are going to try to distance themselves from the White House and President Barack Obama’s achievements, then maybe they deserve to lose.

For instance, she said, Democrats are not touting the success of the Affordable Care Act and the fact that none of the dire predictions Republicans made about Obamacare have come true.

“So, Republicans spent the last, hmmm, six years decrying Obamacare as the end of the world,” said Maddow. “Now we have Obamacare. It’s kind of working. Costs are down, lots of people signed up, sky didn’t fall. Literally, it’s working the way it’s supposed to. Millions of people have health care who didn’t have it before. Working.”

“So,” she went on, “the Republicans’ reason for living has just disappeared. The main thing they like to talk about, they can no longer talk about.”

“If your opponent loses the thing that they’ve been using as a crutch for six years and you just let them walk away from it like it never existed, maybe you don’t deserve to win,” said Maddow. “They just don’t have the killer instinct it takes to make their opponents pay for a big mistake and I don’t understand why the Democrats are doing that.”

I don't understand either. Too late to grow a spine now.

SCOTUS Approves Voter Supression In TX

The SCOTUS is on quite a roll! For the fourth time in 3 weeks they have endorsed GOP efforts to suppress the vote in three states. Why don't they go ahead a call the elections for the GOP. It's not like they never did that before.

The order was the fourth time the Supreme Court has interceded in the coming election in the last three weeks. The moves were in one sense hard to reconcile.

The court allowed Ohio to cut back on early voting and let North Carolina bar same-day registration and the counting of votes cast in the wrong precinct. But the court also stopped Wisconsin from requiring voters there to provide photo ID.

The theme that did seem to run through the orders was a reluctance to disturb the status quo immediately before an election.

Justice Ginsburg said the Supreme Court’s order Saturday morning was different from the ones issued concerning Ohio and North Carolina. “Neither application involved, as this case does,” she wrote, “a permanent injunction following a full trial and resting on an extensive record from which the District Court found ballot-access discrimination by the state.”

The theme that really runs through these rulings is that the court validated voter suppression.

More Banks Behaving Like Criminals They Exploit

No wonder banks and other financial outfits continue to gouge and steal. They have nothing to fear from our "Justice" dept.

The Department of Treasury is investigating Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase’s contracts with federal prisons. “In response to the recent media reports concerning the selection of and high fees charged by these two financial agents” the government will probe the “awarding and administration” of the contracts, said Treasury Inspector General Eric M. Thorson. Earlier this month, the Center for Public Integrity reported that Bank of America and Chase have exclusive access to 214,00 federal inmates under contracts awarded to them 15 years ago by the Treasury Department. The report alleges that the contracts lack competitive binding or transparency requirements. Bank of America has received at least $76.3 million from the federal government for managing inmates’s bank accounts for the menial salaries they receive for prison work. A Treasury document shows Chase has charged some 50,000 released prisoners $2 fees for withdrawing money and $1.50 for leaving an account inactive for three months.

Send these fiends to prison and let them get gouged for a change.

Big Trouble Could Be Looming At TX Hospitial Treating Ebola Patients

Non-union nurses at the Tx Health Presbyterian asked Union nurses to read their concerns to the press. They were afraid they might lose their jobs.

The nurses' statement alleged that when Duncan was brought to Texas Health Presbyterian by ambulance with Ebola-like symptoms, he was “left for several hours, not in isolation, in an area” where up to seven other patients were. “Subsequently, a nurse supervisor arrived and demanded that he be moved to an isolation unit, yet faced stiff resistance from other hospital authorities,” they alleged.

Duncan's lab samples were sent through the usual hospital tube system “without being specifically sealed and hand-delivered. The result is that the entire tube system … was potentially contaminated,” they said.

The statement described a hospital with no clear rules on how to handle Ebola patients, despite months of alerts from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta about the possibility of Ebola coming to the United States.

“There was no advanced preparedness on what to do with the patient. There was no protocol. There was no system. The nurses were asked to call the infectious disease department” if they had questions, but that department didn't have answers either, the statement said. So nurses were essentially left to figure things out on their own as they dealt with “copious amounts” of highly contagious bodily fluids from the dying Duncan while they wore gloves with no wrist tape, flimsy gowns that did not cover their necks, and no surgical booties, the statement alleged.

“Hospital officials allowed nurses who interacted with Mr. Duncan to then continue normal patient-care duties,” potentially exposing others, it said.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that this reckless behavior doesn't put more lives at risk. This is really scary.

Drinking Liberally Must Postpone John Yarmuth Visit

Afternoon, Liberals!

I hate to disappoint you but Congressman Yarmuth will not be able to join us at DL this week. He is detained at work, sadly. He expects to join us next Thursday night instead. I'll keep you posted and hopefully we'll see him next week

See you at Drinking Liberally Thursday night at 7:00 at the BBC.

Peace out,
Vicki and Ron

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