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I can't believe it's Thursday already. You know what that means! Join us tonight for Drinking Liberally at 7:00 at the BBC.

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GOP's "Young Guns" Women Are Same Old Throwacks

Get a load of what the GOP is touting as their exciting new pack of young women.

Arizona “young gun” Martha McSally, currently running for a United States House seat, wants to allow employers to deny their female workers birth control, and — like most of her GOP contemporaries — couches her defense of gender rating in insurance in the language of “religious freedom.” Mimi Walters, a “contender” in California, doesn’t support the inclusion of maternity coverage in health insurance. (How pro-family of her.) Utah “contender” Mia Love defended her party against the “war on women” label by arguing that the GOP — despite working feverishly to defund Planned Parenthood and roll back access to basic reproductive health services across the country — was the party of “choice,” because it wants “more free choice and more liberties” for all.

The names and faces may be unfamiliar to national audiences, but the policies are exactly the same. The hype around Martinez is following the same script that managed to convince the country that Christie is a “moderate.” The “young guns” are more of the same: an army of women who are beating the drum against reproductive rights, fighting equal pay in the states and pulling moves from the same tired playbook.

If it wasn’t such a cliché, I’d say something here about the GOP and the very definition of insanity.

Nothing quite so fresh as a group of self loathing ladies, eh?

Congressional Wingers Really Hate Random Paul

It seems like the reason Paul is so dissed by his fellow wingnuts is that he didn't "wait his turn" by being a dutiful Senate back bencher but instead jumped into the political limelight from the get-go.

While noting that the GOP benefits from a figure like Paul, who doesn’t fit the typical Republican mold, conservative columnist Rich Lowry wrote Tuesday in National Review that the Kentucky senator and potential 2016 candidate’s “instincts sometimes seem more appropriate to a dorm-room bull session than the Situation Room.” Lowry also writes for POLITICO.

Bret Stephens similarly took Paul to task in the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal on Monday, writing Paul is not qualified to be president.

“What we need as the Republican nominee in 2016 is a man of more glaring disqualifications. Someone so nakedly unacceptable to the overwhelming majority of sane Americans that only the GOP could think of nominating him,” Stephens wrote. “This man is Rand Paul.”

Paul took to the opinion pages himself in The Washington Post on Tuesday to push back against his critics and defend his stance on Iran.

Of course Paul is a buffoon! But have these fools look at the rest of the potential field?

Hoping Oama Rejects Keystone Pipeline

I had no idea Obama considered care for the environment important to his legacy.

Green-minded Democratic donors are dead-set against Keystone, people who have Obama’s ear are divided, and the inevitable GOP attacks that would come from rejecting the project would be nothing new for this White House — and could be quickly muted by the noise of a fast-moving news cycle. Plus, killing the pipeline would allow the president to claim at least a symbolic victory on climate change, an issue he has identified as crucial for his legacy.

People close to the White House say the president isn’t tipping his hand. But he’s expected to render a verdict in the next few months after more than five years of extended State Department reviews.

Obama’s public comments and his reported behind-closed-doors remarks indicate that he thinks the pro- and anti-Keystone camps, respectively, are exaggerating the pipeline’s job-creation potential and environmental dangers. Still, rejecting the pipeline would fit with the increasingly liberal turn Obama has taken on other issues, such as entitlement spending, and it would delight progressive policymakers like John Podesta, whom the president has brought in as a special White House adviser.

The EPA has been very ineffectual under Obama. Big Coal, mining interests, etc. have almost gotten a pass on their polluting the air, land and sea.

Jackass, Deadeat, Wingnut Rancher Excites Wingnuts

So, this freak from Nevada has been sucking on the "Gubmint Tit" for decades by failing to pay grazing fees for his cattle herd has riled up the super stupid wing of the GOP. Unlike "Welfare Queens", he's just screwing over taxpayers for pure greed. The GOP loves this kind of shit!

For a brief moment in time these itchy-fingered gun nuts, anti-government ‘patriots’, conspiracy lunatics, anger management counseling drop-outs, T-shot junkies, weekend warriors and guys who were just trying to get out of mowing the lawn, had a man they would follow into hell if need be, in the person of Cliven Bundy: a pigheaded deadbeat welfare rancher in the Nevada desert.

Bundy’s story is as old as the west: scuffling, barely-getting-by cattle rancher’s livelihood threatened by big property owner who is trying to squeeze him off of the ole homestead that has been in his family for generations.

Except, in this case, it’s more: cattle rancher illegally grazing his cattle on land that is not his for over twenty years, refuses to pay for it, keeps going to court and losing, threatens anyone who goes near his welfare cows, uses the word ‘sovereign’ like it is magic, and vows to go to Alamo/Ruby Ridge/Waco/Masada on anyone’s asses who argues with him.

But there are cowboy hats, so it’s pretty much the same.

This story caught the eye of the normally law and order media types across the country who saw Bundy’s lawlessness and threat of a full fledged range war between jack-booted BLM men and simple salt-of-the-earth townsfolk as ratings gold. Ham-headed Sean Hannity, who recently decried the twerking crime wave gripping America’s youth, jumped in with both Gucci loafers, saying Bundy was only trying to keep the price of beef down for America’s poor, while excitedly playing up the possibility of some rootin’ tootin’ gun shootin.’

Bunker bound radio crazy Alex Jones had a seventy-two hour boner over the story, urging his followers to head on down to Bundy’s ranch and stop the Illuminati Bilberberg Chemtrail UN Agenda 21 cattle wrangling, or die trying. Alex his own bad self couldn’t make it because he was washing his hair/cleaning out his closets/waiting for the cable guy.

And with Cliven Bundy owing in excess of a million dollars, child-support deadbeat father former congressman Joe Walsh dispatched himself to the Nevada desert, to lend his expertise in getting out of paying court-ordered fines, penalties and overdue payments. Also, to strike a heroic pose:

OMG! What a collection of freaks! What an embarrassment to humanity.

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