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Drinking Liberally this week - 6:00 p.m. at Bluegrass Brewing Company St. Matthews


It is that time again to toast another disastrous session of the KY Legislature! I need a drink!

Please join us this and every week at BBC St. Matthews at 6:00 on Thursday evening!

Peace out!
Vicki, Ron, and Dana

DL Tonight No Vicki Again

Afternoon, Liberals!

Sorry that once again I am unable to join you tonight at Drinking Liberally tonight at 6:00 at the BBC.

I just realized a short while ago that I was robbed. No purse, cash keys or debit card. Waiting for the police to make a report. When it rains, it pours! Have fun tonight!

Peace out,

Drinking Liberally And Hoping Bibi Loses It

Afternoon, Liberals!

Today is election day in Israel and I hope Netanyahu loses it. The more I read and see of him the more I see him as another arrogant, fearmongering politician. G W Bu4h, anyone? And how bizarre is it that an Air Force Vet tried to join ISIS? And of course John Boehner is still a terrible, orange House Speaker.

The good news is we have Drinking this and every Thursday night at 6:00 at the BBC! Please join us!

Your Dear Leaders in Peace,
Vicki, Ron David and David

DL Tonight! Vicki Back Next Week

Afternoon, Liberals!

Starting next week, Dear Leader Vicki will enjoy the pleasure of your company once again. I'm ill this week but thanks to daylight savings time and Ron's changing the time for DL to 6:00 I'll be back to DL full time. Yay! Can't wait to see you peeps next week!


Drinking Liberally And Laughing At Our 2 Senators

Evening, Liberals!

Seems our two moronic Senators signed onto that ridiculous "open letter" Senator Cotton (complete idiot from AK) sent to Iranian leadership over Iran's nuclear ambitions. What an embarrassment! The entire world, including Iran, is in on the childish attempt by the GOP to play tough guy anti-nuke police. Shameful.

And please, spare us anymore mention of Hilary's stinkin' emails. My head hurts. I believe a grown up conversation is in order at this, and every Thursday night at Drinking Liberally at 6:00 at the BBC.

DL Louisville Blog here: http://livingliberally.org/drinking/chapters/KY/louisville

Get your thirst on, Liberals!

Peace out,
Vicki, Ron, David and Dana

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