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DL this Wednesday

Ah, the holidays are here again and just when you thought it was safe to relax…
Want to get away from the craziness? Then come to the Turtle Tavern this Wednesday for mini break from the bustle of the season. Whether you are celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, or simply Winter Solstice, come join us for a bit of cheer and friendship.

In the spirit of the season, bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Milford Food Pantry. Christina W. made this great suggestion and she also offered to bring our offerings to the Pantry. Hope to see everyone so we can make a toast to health and happiness.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Christine, Karen, Kate and Jay

DL this Wednesday

The night before Thanksgiving is usually a good time to go out and catch up with friends who are in town for the holiday. DL will be at Turtle Tavern this Wednesday as usual and we will be joined by other revelers who will be around.

Most likely we will not have the area we usually meet all to ourselves rather we will be able to blend with the crowd. What a great opportunity to network and see what other likeminded people may be around for the festivities. It is another way to spread the word about Drinking Liberally.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Christine, Karen, Kate and Jay

DL This Wednesday

The election did not turn out the way we had hoped. We can take comfort in knowing we did our best to help our cause and that in two years there will be another chance to made changes. In the mean time we can come together with like minded folks for support.

There are a few silver linings. The earned sick time ballet question that passed and Scott Brown did not win in New Hampshire. Who wants to take bets on where Scott Brown will move next? Come to the Turtle Tavern this Wednesday night on Main St. in Milford any time from 6:30 on to speculate on what happens next.

See you then,
Christine, Karen, Kate and Jay

A post election message from Justin and Katrina

Dear Liberally Hosts -

No dount that Tuesday was a rough night. Even though we're not an endorsing
organization, we know that liberals took knocks this election. Thousands of our
members poured time and energy into local campaigns ? and hopefully, you all
found some bright spots amidst the conservative electoral tide we all

You may be mired in campaign debriefs or notes from different activist groups
or finger-pointing among the pundits. But we just want to send one simple
message to you all -- and, through you, to all your members.

Drinking Liberally is here for you.

In a way, this is what we're here for: to be an ongoing community after
election day. Win or lose, post-election is always a time when liberals need to
come together -- whether to wash away our sorrows, toast our victories, or
scheme for the years to come.

While campaign offices close up shop, grassroots groups take a break, and folks
argue about what went wrong, thank goodness you have a safe place to go -- to
talk, to share, to vent, to laugh and to remain connected to a community of
shared values.

We've been here before. We were here in 2004 when President Bush beat John
Kerry. We were here in 2010, when the Tea Party swept into power. We're here
now...and we're not going away.

Remind your members that: they might need a friendly face, a kind invite or a
pint of beer right about now.

Thanks for continuing to be the heart and soul of our organization. Keep
leading liberally, organizing liberally, drinking liberally, living liberally
-- and here's to the campaigns yet to come.

- Justin, Katrina, Matt and the whole Liberally Gang

p.s. Drop us a note to share your election story, how you're feeling today,
what you want to see happen next, or anything else that's on your mind.

Monday evening event

On Monday evening Gov. Patrick will be in Milford
at 100 Medway Rd, 4th fl at the United Steelworkers
Office. The office will be open to make GOTV calls.
Contact Lisa Mosczynski 508-341-4876 for more

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