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DL this Wednesday night

So the Supreme Court put a price on "free" speech. I am not sure how this ruling promotes free speech. Does this mean that we now have measures of free speech? It seems to me that there is now a value to speech which does not make it free anymore.

If this is the logic behind the ruling them those with more money have more voice. In Washington, deep pocketed lobbyist had a lot of clout with politicians. Now individuals with deep pockets will have a chance to be heard just as loudly. What about Joe average, Joe not the 1%? How does he get a chance to be heard? How does this ruling help the majority?

It will be interesting to see this now play out as we close in on the mid-year elections.

Your thoughts? Bring them this Wednesday at Drinking Liberally at the Turtle Tavern, Main St., Milford any time from 6:30 on (or until your money runs out). Your speech is still free here.

You're Chapter Leaders,
Christine, Karen, Kate and Jay

DL this week

DL is this Wednesday night at the Turtle Tavern starting at 6:30. There are so many topics in the news to talk about and so little time. Pick your favorite issue to discuss. Charter schools; are they good for our communities and should be allowed to expand or not? Will same sex marriage prevail in other state this year? Will the GOP get sued by a disgruntled Tea Partier? Is disgruntled Tea Partier a redundant statement?

The answers to these questions and more lay within your liberal self. Come unearth these opinions and share them at Drinking Liberally Wednesday, March 26, anytime from 6:30 on.

See you this Wednesday. Don't let a little snow keep you from a enjoying an evening with like minded people. We should be tuff enough by now.

You're hardy chapter leaders,
Christine, Karen, Kate and Jay

DL stuff and events

Last Friday night I attended the Drinking Liberally group at Owen O'Leary's in Southborough. This is the group Kate Donaghue started on the second Friday of the month. I had a nice time, there was a great bunch of like minded folks and the conversation was lively. I hope to get back there.

A reminder of the event for Senator Richard Moore this Wednesday at Caffe Sorrento on Central St. in Milford from 6-7:30.

Spring comes this week!!!

See you soon,

coming events

A night Honoring Senate President Pro Tempore Senator Richard Moore. Wednesday night, March 19 6-7:30 PM at Caffe Sorrento, 143 Central St., Milford.
Suggested contributions: $100, $50, $25.

DL this Wednesday

What better way to prepare for spring than to come to a drinking liberally night. We can celebrate the coming of spring as well as the campaign season that never seems to end in Massachusetts.

How many of us will be delegates for the convention this year? Even if you are not a delegate there are ways you can still go to the convention. If you are under 35 years old you can apply to be a youth delegate, if you are disabled you can apply, or if you are a minority. Go to the Mass State Democratic web site to apply.

Its always good to stay active and involved. "Lead, follow or get out of the way".

See you tomorrow night!
You're Chapter Leaders,
Christine, Karen,Kate and Jay

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