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Special Event

  • Wednesday, September 10th, 2014: 7:00pm

    Come Party with the Milford Drinking Liberally to celebrate 7 year together. September 10, 2014 at the Turtle Tavern on 72 Main St. in Milford, MA, starting at 7 PM until your mama calls you home or the street lights go on.

    Where does the time go? There will be food to nibble on, Trivia to challenge your political knowledge and fun friends with which to reminisce. We also will have some special guests.

    Mark your calendar for the most fun you can have without a chaperone, unless you choose to bring one.
    See you then !!!

Milford Blog

Coming Events

We have lots of exciting events coming. September 4 is a kick off event for State Rep. John Fernandes at the Milford Portuguese Club starting at 6:30 PM. All are welcome. It should be a fun and exciting evening so don't miss it.

Also we have our annual Drinking Liberally anniversary celebration on September 10 at the Turtle Tavern on 72 Main St. in Milford. The festivities will begin at 7 PM and go until we run out of great stories, funny jokes, counter points to arguments and cash of the drinks. We will have some food, trivia games, and lots of fun. So mark your calendar and come join us for a night of friendship, fun and reflection.

See you then !!!

This Wednesday at DL

Are you ready for this Wednesday? What's so special about this Wednesday? First, it's the last Wednesday before our Drinking Liberally 7 year anniversary party and the last DL before the Primary. So there will be much to talk about and much to plan.

Have you decided who you will vote for in the Primary? If so, are you advocating for your candidate? Come to DL to push, lobby and stand out for your favorite. After the election, whoever gets in, then hold them to their campaign promises.

Democracy does not end with our vote, it is where it begins. Don't forget that and have them stay the course.

See you all this Wednesday at DL, 72 Main St., Milford , MA, anytime from 6:30 on or until the Turtle runs out of your favorite beverage, and your mother calls you home.

You're Chapter Leaders,
Christine, Karen, Kate, and Jay

Debate Party this Tuesday

Glen and Christina Weich are hosting a Debate Party at their house this Tuesday August 19, 24 Field Pond Rd., in Milford. This will be an Online Streaming only. The Debate, from Stone-hill College will begin at 7PM.

If you have not decided who you will be supporting for Governor this is a chance to compare candidates.

Also, visit the Milford Drinking Liberally web site to read about our 7 year celebration.

more info on Climate Change Rally

There a chance for a Milford bus option.

If people in the Milford area want their own bus, they need to register for the Worcester bus (1-day trip) AND INDICATE IN THE BLANK SPACE AVAILABLE THAT THEY WANT TO LEAVE FROM ANOTHER LOCATION, IN THIS CASE, MILFORD.

There are 47 seats on the coach bus. They ALL must be filled in order to have the bus depart from Milford; otherwise, the bus will depart from Worcester's Union Station. Once the seats are filled, Better Future Project (the nonprofit that supports 350MA) will arrange for a departure location in Milford and inform everyone on the list.

Sign up here to register for and pay for the bus ticket:

Highlights from DL

We had a great turnout at DL. Joe Hall, candidate for State Rep. for Bellingham, parts of Uxbridge, Millville and Blackstone, stopped by. Kate Donaghue came to spend time with us as well as the usual suspects.

Information about the Climate Change Rally happening in NY this September was passed around. There is a pre-NY rally in Boston on August 22 If anyone is interested contact:
Carolyn Barthel
508-473-3305 H
508-335-0848 C

August 22, 2014 People's Climate Tour:
WHEN: Friday, August 22, 2014 7:00 PM
WHERE: Boston Opera House, Boston
WHAT: A presentation/rally by Bill McKibben of 350
COST: tickets vary in price, depending on how much you can/want to support the movement's expenses

info about People's Climate March:
WHEN: Sunday, September 21, 2014
WHAT: rally of hundreds of thousands, maybe a million, of people to pressure the world leaders gathered at the UN for a climate summit to commit to significant climate action

Sign up here to register your attendance:

TRANSPORTATION: available through 350MA
BUS TRIPS: 2-day (Sat AM - Sun PM) round trip or 1-day (Sun AM - Sun PM) round trip
COST: $30 round trip bus, $15 round trip bus for low income (same pricing for both round trip arrangements)

The 350MA Worcester chapter is only choosing the 1-day trip, leaving from Union State in Worcester 7:30 AM Sunday and leaving NYC 6:00-ish PM Sunday, arriving in Worcester I'm guessing between 9:00 and 10:00(?).

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