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Living Liberally Meeting July 11th

Hi Everyone,

We are going to meet in Corrales this month at the Corrales Bistro Brewery. Link to the place is - It is located at 4908 Corrales Road, Corrales, NM 87048 • (505) 897-1036. It is on the East side of the street about midway through Corrales. They have many different types of craft beers, decent food and music. I think the table situation is very good too.


DL Meeting this Thursday

This month’s meeting, June 13th, will be at the Fat Squirrel at 3755 Southern Blvd Se, Rio Rancho • (505) 994-9004 at 5:30PM. I thought we would try this one more time before we move on and try some of the other local breweries.


Next meeting May 9th at Fat Squirrel


This month’s meeting will be at the Fat Squirrel at 3755 Southern Blvd Se, Rio Rancho • (505) 994-9004. We have had a horrendous month of tragedy from oil spills, bombings and work place explosions. Not to mention the topics not even discussed in our news. Here are a few;
1. Trans-Pacific Partnership ( TPP) and the US-European Union "Free Trade" Agreement. Law that will give international corporations more power than governments? Really?
2. AG Gag laws – written by ALEC, of course. A woman in Utah was arrested for taking pictures from the road. Charges were later dropped. So, this is law will criminalize photos/videos of horrendous cruelty that could potentially create an outcry resulting in changes in how we slaughter our animals? Not to mention the high count of anti-biotic resistant germs in American meat. Hmmm, sounds nothing like democracy.
3. 6 oil (pipeline) spills in 2013 so far. Being that the spill was not oil but a type of crude, the oil companies do not have to pay for the cleanup? We, the tax payer does?
4. and another good one - .

Hope to see everyone at 5:30PM at Fat Squirrel,


April DL Meeting on the 11th

Hi All,

We will be meeting again at Turtle Mountain at 5:30PM. During last month’s meeting we all sat at the big long bar and some of the patrons showed an interest in our discussions. We decided to have one more meeting at Turtle so these people could join us this time. I will try to grab one end of the big bar table that is in the back. The parking is horrendous, but you can find nice parking at the library. It is a very short walk. We have been discussing changing the meeting to the Fat Squirrel next month, just to have some change and it may be easier to move tables together.


Next week Chapter Meeting - March 14th

Hi Everyone,

We had a great meeting last week! A lot of people showed up, great times. Just sending out a reminder for the next meeting Thursday March 14th at Turtle Mountain 5:30PM. Some of us show up about 5 and get a head start.


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