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Boulder City Drinking Liberally 6/16/17

Join progressive friends this Friday 6/16/17 at Milo's around 6:30pm. Hopefully in the back room, ideal for conversing, sharing ideas, feelings, resistance strategies, and to discuss local election results. Check with our wonderful wait person, Amy, regarding availability. Last month we were seated in the front area at a table in the side room before you'd enter the back room. I

A little history about Drinking Liberally..."it was born 5/29/2003 when a few friends gathered in the backyard of a dive bar on the westside of Manhattan..14 years and counting. At the time of the Bush administration, Drinking Liberally grew from a few friends in a bar to hundreds of chapters all around the country. Now, it feels like the darkest political moment of our lives...though the country is brightened by the flames of resistance sparking and sparkling everywhere. The founders are proud that Drinking Liberally keeps on chugging along with new threads of the resistance from Indivisible to Swing Left. Find chapters, start a chapter, chip in to help rebuild their website at"

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, 6/14/17: 5:30PM Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani hosting a house party for Battle Born Progress, 1717 S. 15th St. LV 89104. Light refreshments will be provided. Suggested Donation $100. RSVP to Courtney at [email protected]

Saturday 6/17/17: 7PM Last of the free Jazz in the Park Concert Series at the Clark County Government Center. 500 South Grand Central Parkway in Downtown LV. Don't miss SPYRO GYRA/EXTREME MEASURES. Picnics, blankets, low back chairs, etc.

Thursday 6/22/17: 5:30PM NO KID HUNGRY DINNER fundraiser to end childhood hunger. Join First Lady Kathleen Sandoval & Chef Chair Mary Sue Milliken for special multi-course dinner at the View at the Palms Casino Resort 4321 W. Flamingo Rd, LV 89103. For reservation contact Hannah at [email protected]

Saturday 6/24/17: 1:00PM at BC LIBRARY, Speaker/Author/Museum Director: Dennis McBride talk entitled "Those Dam Women".

Thursday 7/13/17: 7PM Battle Born Progress presents: LIBERAL REDNECK, Trae Crowder and the WellRED comedy hour to Vegas for a fundraiser show. Event is being held at The Space. Contact Courtney for tickets at [email protected]

Wonder Woman: If you have 2hrs 21 mins. to spare-go view! Reviews have been good compared to other DC male superhero movies of late. Gal Gado's performance as the Amazonian warrior princess Diana is reportedly incredible and the female director Patty Jenkins is being lauded for her first full length film!

Super Summer Theatre: Spring Mountain State Park: The Wedding Singer now thru 6/24/17. All performances begin at 8PM and run Wed.-Sat. Go to for tickets. Schedule of Performances: In the Heights, Man of La Mancha, Young Frankenstein. Picnics, blankets, folding chairs, some warm clothes because park is at high elevation and gets wonderfully cool in the evenings.

Keep on resisting! I won't see you all this Friday at Milo's, I will be on a Regional Conservation Outing backpacking 37 miles in the Grand Staircase of the Escalante National Monument--one of the endangered public lands that ding-a-ling may remove from protection. Valerie McNay 702-845-0907

Boulder City Drinking Liberally 5/19/17

Join progressive friends this Friday 5/19/17 at Milo's around 6:30-7:30pm. Hopefully in the back room, ideal for conversing, sharing ideas, feelings, & resistance strategies. Check with our wonderful wait person, Amy, regarding availability. I understand last month the room was not available. In the future, check with Amy about a table inside or outside & try to meet up with other progressives.

Our monthly social drinking club happens to occur (3rd Friday of the month) on the occasion of Memorial for former Boulder City Mayor Bob Ferraro. The celebration of Bob's life is being held on Friday, May 19th 5:30 PM at the Boulder Creek Golf Course Pavilion. I urge you to attend and then come to Milo's. I will be in training session from 4:30-7PM, will miss Bob's event but plan to arrive at Milo's around 7:30PM.

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, 5/17/17: Rally in front of the Ed Shed on Flamingo at 4PM Board Education Meeting. CCSD is trying to take away the non-profit Teachers Health Trust and force into for profit United Health Care.
Thursday 5/18/17: 6PM Boulder City Community Alliance at BC Library. All 4 candidates for City Council were invited to attend, only 2 have agreed to come. Find out about Warren Harhay and Kiernan McManus and Ballot questions. Election Day 6/13/17. Early voting in BC: May 31 through June 3rd.
Thursday 5/18/17: Battle Born Progress: Update on Nevada Legislature. Search for details.
Search Indivisible Boulder Ctiy on Facebook for information about next meeting or contact me.
Consider joining ONWARD TOGETHER, supporting 5 groups leading resistance movement;
Swing Left, Emerge America, Color of Change, Indivisible, & Run for Something.


Keep on resisting! Hope to see you all on Friday at Milo's.
Valerie McNay 702-845-0907

Boulder City Drinking Liberally 4/21/17

Join progressive friends this Friday 4/21/17 at Milo's around 6:30PM. Hopefully in the back room, ideal for conversing, sharing ideas, feelings, & resistance strategies. Check with our wonderful wait person, Amy, regarding availability.

Our monthly social drinking club happens to occur in April between local rallies: 4/15 to demand 45 release his tax returns and 4/29/17 in support of "The People's Climate March" in DC, our sister rally will be on UNLV Campus. I don't know if events are scheduled for Earth Day 4/22/17--but do something to honor the earth, my friends in Reno are planning!

The next Boulder City Indivisible meeting will be held on Monday 4/24/17 at 7PM. Contact me for additional information. I am currently in Michigan with my terminally ill mom on FML and will be heading to Reno and the Nevada Speech-Hearing-Langauge Convention 4/21-4/23; so I will be missing get together-but hope folks will get together and contact me for details about events mentioned in this notification.

ENJOY! the following hilarious links regarding Sean Spicer: Melissa McCarthy roasts Spicer's Hitler Defense on SNL

Valerie McNay
Mobil: 702-845-0907

Boulder City Drinking Liberally 3/17/17

Dear Progressives,

The 3rd Friday of March happens to be St. Patrick's Day-let's wear green and celebrate contributions of Irish immigrants! 3/17/17 also happens to be the first time the BC Library Amphitheater will be used to show a movie "Moana" thanks to donation from Copper Mt. Solar starting at 7PM. As some of you might know, I have been a Library Trustee for 8 yrs. and a strong supporter of utilizing the amphitheater--therefore, I'm suggesting meeting up at Milo's around 6PM to toast St. Patty's Day and then for those interested head to the Library, others should stay at Milo's to continue the conversation-some may return after movie.

Indivisible Boulder City met for the first time on 2/27/17. The Indivisible Guide and purpose:
"Trump's agenda will take America backwards and must be stopped. In order to work together to achieve this goals, we must model he values of inclusion, respect and fairness."
The next meeting is tomorrow, Monday 3/13/17 at 7PM. Contact organizers for more information: [email protected]

I'm heading to Carson City on Friday 3/18/17 for Grassroots Lobby Days. I urge all Nevadans to participate in legislative process by visiting legislative website, contacting legislators, testifying via videoconferencing at Grant Sawyer State Building in LV, or taking a trip to Carson City to meet with legislators, attend hearings, etc.

Upcoming events:
3/25/17: Emerge Nevada Event 2017 Women of the Year, Bally's. Checkout
3/30/17: Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada presents the 8th Annual Corks & Forks at Hard Rock Hotel FMI call 702-878-3622 ext.204 or email [email protected]
4/1/17: 17th Annual Nevada Clay Guild: Empty bowl Benefit, helping to feed the hungry in Las Vegas 11:30 am-2pm Green Valley High 460 Arroyo Grande Blvd.

Warm regards,
Valerie McNay

Boulder City Drinking Liberally 2/17/17

Dear Progressives,

Reportedly, the back room at Milo's available on Third Friday of the month. So let's do it this Friday 2/17/17 around 6:30 PM! Let's continue discussing "Donald The Menace" and the 2017 Nevada Legislative session.

I just received notice that there is an ERA Hearing 2/20/17 at 3:30PM. The ERA: "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by an State on account of sex." Testify in person in LV via videoconference) Grant Sawyer State Building, Rm 4404B, 555 E. Washington Ave. Can't be there? Submit your testimony via email by 2/19/17 to your senator (in BC Dr. Joe Hardy, [email protected]) and Senator Nicole Cannizzaro ([email protected]).

Recent reports: Twitler needs to know a little black history--before speaking at a Black History Month Event. In Long History pf Presidential untruths, Twitler's in a class of his own. Twitter Endangers National Security-his cell phone is not secure, he discusses sate secrets at dinner in public. Know-Nothings Surrounded by Know-Nothings. Here is a link from Las Vegas Drinking Liberally: At least this is a funny take on time that was filled with ignorance.

Join me in Carson City for Nevada Women's Lobby: Grassroots Lobby Days 3/20 & 3/21! Get training, meet with legislators, attend hearings, etc.

Spread the word about Friday's BC Drinking Liberally at Milo's! Hope to see you there! Valerie McNay

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