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Direct RSVP to Drinking Liberally Northwest party this Saturday

Hello all,
I understand some people are having trouble requesting the address and phone number for Teresa and John, the hosts for our party this Saturday.
Here is the direct information to their house:
5770 N Park St., LV, NV 89149 (we are 1.5 blocks north of Ann Road, between Grand Canyon and Tee Pee. Cell phone = 702-809-2827 Land line = 702-341-6149

Please contact them NO LATER than tomorrow morning so we will have a good head count. Remember to bring a small dish and your favorite beverage!

Mark Schaffer

Drinking Liberally link to article from New York Times

Charles Blow is the first press person I have heard of who has had it with Donald Trump. Let's hope he isn't the last.

Don't forget to RSVP for this Saturday or you will miss a good time!

Mark Schaffer

Drinking Liberally Northwest link to NY Times article on Las Vegas Voucher program


Drinking Liberaly addendum for party this Saturday

By this Saturday I, of course, mean August 29. It would be helpful for requests for RSVPs to come in no later than Friday morning please.

Drinking Liberally party this Saturday

Hello all,
Please join Drinking Liberally Northwest in a celebration of Donald Trump, the media coverage of The Donald, and the acolytes of The Donald this Saturday at Teresa and John's house by viewing the movie "Idiocracy". Bring a dish and your favorite drink (or two). For those familiar with the film, "Brawndo" will be available upon request. Our hosts have cats and dogs (all of whom are friendly or in the case of the cats mostly indifferent...) so please make sure if you have allergies you take appropriate precautions. The celebratory mocking will begin at 5 PM and continue until the hosts have had enough of us.
RSVP to me directly and I will provide directions to their house and phone numbers in case you need to call them directly.
Your ever suffering host,
Mark Schaffer

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