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This Year's Living Liberally Honorees

Dear Liberals -

Every year, Living Liberally hosts an annual celebration -- to gather friends and enthusiasts for a festive night of food, drink, and revelry. We raise funds to fuel our national, all-volunteer network. And we honor allies and inspirations from across the progressive cosmos.

Do you have your tickets to join us on Thursday May 19?
Get tix now:

This year, we are so excited to be honoring true liberal champions:

- THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS (AFT), celebrating its 100th year as champions of our families, our teachers, and the broader progressive movement—and its president RANDI WEINGARTEN

- LOCAL PROGRESS, a network of progressive municipal elected officials, tackling local fights of national importance for economic opportunity and equal justice -- and its founding board member and long time Living Liberally friend, New York City Council Member BRAD LANDER.

Both of these organizations are fighting for a progressive vision and engaging and energizing the Living Liberally community across the country—and both of these individual are leaders, organizers, thinkers, and rabble-rousers whose work has again and again inspired us to action.

Will you join us May 19th to honor the AFT and Randi Weingarten; and Local Progress and Brad Lander?

Get tix now:

There are hundreds of Living Liberally chapters that help create homes for liberals in the country's most conservative corners and serve as hubs of progressive activism. The national organization supports them all -- and 50% of that budget is raised at this event.

This is a chance for New Yorkers who have known and loved Drinking Liberally, Laughing Liberally, Screening Liberally and Eating Liberally over the past 13 years to give a little bit and power the national constellation of progressive social clubs.

And you get open bar, sustainable food, lively company, and incredible honorees along the way.

Please join us on May 19th! -

Can't join us? You can still donate! -

No cash? Volunteer by replying to this email!

Want to become a host or sign your organization up as a sponsor? Just reply to this email or visit the event site to learn more:

See you on the frontlines, at the bars, and on May 19.

- Justin, Katrina, Matt, and the Liberally Team

April Glowers Bring May Powers

April turned ugly on the Democratic side
as Hillary and Bernie accused and insulted,
a sign that the race was too tight for generosity,
though following New York and Super Tuesday 3,
it no longer seems quite as close an encounter.

It remained even uglier on the Republican side
as Trump bashed Cruz, lashed at Kasich,
then smashed them both on primary nights,
even as they tried to build a wall that could stop him.

And the glowering and grimacing of the DC GOP
as it stands in the way of the Supreme Court nominee
should be President Obama's final justification
to ignore them completely as he governs
over his final 6 months in the White House.

You've heard April showers bring May flowers.
This year, April's glowers have brought May powers
for Hillary who's on top of the hill, Trump who's trouncing,
as both power their way into the last stretch of primaries.

Raise an early toast to May Day - or shout mayday! -
in the company of fellow liberals and frothy libations
at your local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30-9:30pm and beyond
Rudy's - 9th Ave btw 44th & 45th
Look for DL banner and buttons
in the heated upper deck of the backyard.
Tonight's hosts: Justin Gerald and Keith Stewart

And save the date: Thurs, May 19th

Bern, Bills and Bets

Despite massive rallies feeling the Bern,
Bernie burned out against Hillary in NY
-- while many New Yorkers felt burned
by the bungling Board of Elections voter purges.

Triumphant Trump lumped his rivals,
bruising Cruz, kicking Kasich,
and taking another leap toward the nomination
that most people thought would never be his.

Andrew Jackson faces a defeat of his own
as Harriet Tubman takes the $20 bill,
while Hamilton's new-found stardom
saves his place on the $10.

If you were betting on an upset in New York
bullish on Bernie, banking on blocking Trump,
you'd have lost those bets this week.

But at least Tubman bested Jackson
in a bet nobody would've taken 150 years ago.

Buoy your spirits and buy another round
as you banter big ideas in bright company
at your local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30-9:30pm and beyond
Rudy's - 9th Ave btw 44th & 45th
Look for DL buttons and banner
in the upper deck of the backyard.
Tonight's hosts: Keith Stewart and Justin Krebs

NY Primary Tomorrow -- Vote and Watch Party

Greetings, fellow liberals -

Remember that tomorrow -- Tues, April 19th -- is the New York Primary. New Yorkers finally have a chance to influence the presidential race -- if you're in NYC, polls are open 6am to 9pm. You have to be registered with the party to vote in its primary.

Voting info here:

Then come watch the returns with us at:
Tuesday, April 19
Pacific Standard - 82 4th Ave
Starting at 7pm, results after 9pm

And then on Wednesday night, debrief the results with the comedians of Laughing Liberally!

Wed, April 20 - 7pm doors, 7:30 show
Jimmy's No 43 - 43 East 7th
FREE. Full menu and bar available.

Scott Blakeman hosts an evening of progressive political comedy with John Fugelsang, Frank Conniff, John Marshall, and Anthony Mustacchio. Priceless political comedy with free admission.

It's Up To You, New York, New York

Often uncontested in presidential elections,
New York is now of unquestionable importance
to candidate condenters in both parties
who seek to avoid contested conventions.

A Vermonter with Brooklyn roots,
an Illinoisan-turned-Arkansan with NY cred,
and a Queensian who thinks he's a king
bring this leg of the race home in so many ways

A Democratic debate drives further drama,
the Republican revolt is ever more revolting,
and Ted Cruz keeps up criticism of New York values
as he tries to persuade New Yorkers to value him.

In the end, they're all hoping to croon,
"If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere,"
but really: it's up to you, New York, New York.

For a few days at least, New York
is actually as important as it always thinks it is.

Join the debate and enjoy some drinks
as you delve into discussions and democracy
at your local progressive social club.

DL starts at 7:30; Debate at 9pm
Rudy's - 9th Ave btw 44th & 45th
Look for DL banner and buttons
in the upper deck of the backyard.
Tonight's host: Justin Krebs

Or watch the debate in BROOKLYN
at Pacific Standard - 82 4th Ave
with Brooklyn Drinking Liberally
Tonight: 8:30 doors; 9pm debate

And stay tuned to watch the primary returns
next Tuesday, April 19th.

Plus, save the date:
Thursday, May 19 - 6:30-9:30

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