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The Bombs Bursting in Err

At first, it seemed it must be an accident --
why would rebels shoot down a passenger flight
sending hundreds of families into mourning
and shocking the international community?

We want Israel and Hamas to see it's a mistake
to self-sabotage by ceasing ceasefires,
to puncture the potential for peace
with civilian casualties and the racket of rockets.

Those who call for US military action in Iraq
must live in another era -- or error --
because how will our bombs heal a nation
that our own errant bombs helped fracture?

The sad truth is this violence is intentional
and all parties are in error if they believe
they can shoot their way to stability.

We sing of our "bombs bursting in air."
We cry for these bombs bursting in err.

Escape the heat of international affairs,
with a cool drink and chill conversation
at your local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30-9:30pm and beyond
Rudy's - 9th Ave btw 44th & 45th
Look for DL banners and buttons
in the covered upper deck of the backyard.
Tonight's hosts: BC Ashmall-Liversidge and Thomas Kim

And tomorrow night, join us for
A free evening of political comedy
Friday, July 25th - 7:30pm
Jimmy's No 43 - 43 East 7th St

Featuring: Dean Obeidallah, Katie Halper,
Frank Conniff, Emily Epstein White,
Negin Farsad, Andy Farnsworth,
Harry Terjanian and host Scott Blakeman

Human Rights. Human Wrongs.

Many residents of Detroit may have their water shut off.
No matter how broken the city or broke the residents,
can't we keep a little hope, and a little water, running,
or will we really deny them this basic right?

Migrant youth seeking safe haven are held at the border.
Can't we cut through the immigration inaction and anger
to treat these humans with compassion and concern,
or is that measure of humanity lost in partisan politics?

Palestinian families face recurring evacuations
as air raids rain down on residential neighborhoods.
Can we see through ceasefires brokered and broken,
through violence and vengeance from all quarters
to assert that civilians should be safe in their homes?

These complicated cases have no simple solutions,
but when you take away basic human rights,
you are perpetuating fundamental human wrongs.

Feeling wronged or right, come enjoy the night
as we raise our voices while raising a glass
at your local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30pm-9:30pm and beyond
Look for the DL banner and buttons
on the backyard's covered upper deck.
Tonight's Host: Justin Gerald

And tomorrow night, join us for
a free night of fiercely funny comedy.
Friday, July 18th - 7:30pm
Jimmy's No 43 - 43 East 7th St
With: John Fugelsang, Dean Obeidallah,
Negin Farsad, John Marshall
and hosted by Scott Blakeman,
with our partners at Downtown East for Progress.

Border Issues and Broader Issues

The crisis of tens of thousands of children
from Central America crossing the US border
isn't isolated, nor only about immigration
but about how we act compassionately as a nation.

The explosion of the Israeli / Palestinian feud
is about more than brutal killings on both sides.
It shows a lack of international political pressure,
even among goodwill players, to resist violence.

Tumult continues from Syria to Iraq and beyond.
Russian separatists create chaos in Ukraine.
The World Cup becomes a platform to protest
poverty in Brazil and global injustice abroad.

Few of these crises have easy fixes,
and just as few really stop at the water's edge.

There are border issues. And broader issues.
Until we start tackling the broader issues
of inequality, extremism and authoritarianism,
with compassion, seriousness and inclusion,
nobody's borders will truly keep them safe.

For now, know you'll belong and never be bored
with broad, buoyant conversation and a beer
at your local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30-9:30pm and beyond
Rudy's - 9th Ave btw 44th & 45th
Look for the DL banner and buttons
in the covered backyard upper deck.
Tonight's host: BC Ashmall-Liversidge

The Justices Could Use a New Hobby

The Supreme Court ruled against women,
reproductive health, family planning and science,
deciding the rights corporations count more.

The Justices set a precedent for companies to seek
religious exemptions from a host of laws
that protect employees, customers and the public.

SCOTUS has been on a supremely unfortunate path:
letting more money into politics,
guaranteeing more protections for corporations
and securing fewer safeguards for individual.

America could use a different decision in Hobby Lobby.
Or maybe the Justices should just take up a new hobby.

I hear George Bush has found painting very fulfilling --
I'd love to see Scalia and Thomas at an easel.

Until then, paint the picture of a better tomorrow
over political pints with a few pleasant pals
at your local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30-9:30pm and beyond
Rudy's - 9th Ave btw 44th & 45th
The covered deck in the backyard
by the Drinking Liberally banner.
Tonight's hosts: Justin Krebs & Keith Stewart

Reminder: Meet Zephyr Teachout and Timothy Wu Wednesday Night

Drinking Liberally members are invited to join Democracy for NYC on Wednesday evening as they host Zephyr Teachout and Timothy Wu, candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, at a special event.

Wednesday, July 2nd - 7pm
Bunga's Den - West 14th btw 6th & 7th

Come out for the free event -- a chance to meet candidates running an inspired campaign right here in New York State.

Please note: Drinking Liberally does not endorse candidates -- but we think this opportunity may of interest to our members, as would be any free, casual chance to meet state-wide candidates.

Come join the fun!

Drinking Liberally will be meeting at its regular time and place -- 7:30pm at Rudy's on 9th Avenue and 44th Street -- on Thursday night.

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