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Summer's here!

At least it feels like it! (ok, admit it. You're singing "summer's here and time is right for dancing in the streets")

Now it's in your head. You're welcome.

And you are always welcome at Drinking Liberally! We'll be at Pastaria 811 this Thursday starting at 6pm. Stay tuned as we might be going to an earlier time after memorial day.

Bring 1lb bags of rice for Baskerville. And remember, hotel size toiletries are still needed, but you don't need to bring any more egg cartons.

Also, Jim Watkins wanted me to forward an email by advocates for Early Learning:
Today, I was asked by the steering committee of the Early Childcare Providers' Network (ECPN) to forward to you the following urgent request:

Please take time to read the paragraph below​ and fill out the simple survey. All you have to do is click on online survey below and then choose:
1. First Steps for School Readiness
2. Department of Social Services
3. Department of Juvenile Justice
and then, answer the three multiple choice questions and comment (if you so desire) for each one. If you have had any experience with any of these agencies, it is very important for the Legislative Oversight Committee to get your feedback. Of course, you can comment on the other two departments as well, if you wish.

The House Legislative Oversight Committee is taking public comment on all five state agencies currently under review: Comptroller General's Office, Department of Transportation,​ First Steps to School Readiness, Department of Social Services and Department of Juvenile Justice. All comments by be received via the online survey by May 31, 2015​.

Thank you for helping our state legislators understand how you feel about these crucial departments that affect the lives of our children.

Rita here. I will miss you this week as I will be in Maryland for my niece's college graduation. Dean will be representing the Smiths. And thanks for your emails and calls regarding my injury. My shoulder is much better but I am still going for an MRI next week. But the sling has been ditched and I can type! Yea!

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


this will be brief

my left arm is in a sling, so i am typing using the hunt and peck method.

DL tomorrow at Pastaria 811 at 6pm. food for baskerville is 1lb bags of rice.

chris ryan says thanks for the egg cartons, but the org that uses them has a huge overflow. she`s still collecting hotel size tioletries. Publix has bin to recycle styrofoam egg cartons.

whew! done. and of course i'm left handed.

stay safe,

Follow up

I got this email from Debbie and Ed in reply to my reminder:

Hey, all of DL. We arrived easily and even followed a rainbow to our new home. Now the work begins...the previous owner must have given up on the house and the place is a mess - dirty, sticky and dusting. Had new electric installed and it just got done today, but we have holes all through every wall. We knew were going to have to do something - but wow, now it is a lot more.

Our son has taken on a lot of the work, but he needs to get back to his life. Tomorrow the movers come. Yikes!
Debbie and Ed

On another note, the Pawleys Pavilion Reunion is still on, rain or shine. Tents have been ordered, so the show will go on! Nothing can "dampen" our determination. I'll have tickets to sell tonight. Please share with your friends and neighbors that the show will go on this Saturday as scheduled.


Late again...

Sorry, gang. Somehow, Wednesday sneaks up on me and I realize that I haven't sent out a reminder.

Dean and I spent last weekend in NYC, but alas were not able to hook up with our "mother chapter" in New York. But we did have a good time, ate good food and, to our surprise, drank $15 glasses of wine. Yes, 2 glasses of wine cost $30 bucks so we're happy to be home.

And we're always happy to be home to our favorite group of PI Liberals. We'll be at Pastaria 811 starting at 6pm. After memorial day, we may start a little earlier since the restaurant needs the back room after 7. More details on that will be forthcoming.

Bring 1lb. bags of rice for Baskervill Food pantry.

And Jim Watkins asked me to pass this along regarding off shore drilling:
The state has given its approval for seismic testing for oil. This is just the first inning. The end game is no drilling. The good news is that perhaps a lot of folks will now take the possibility of drilling off South Carolina seriously. If you have not contacted Congressman Tom Rice and those who represent you on County Council please do so. If you live in Horry and/or know folks who live in Horry please urge them to do the same. If you are a letter writer please consider writing letters to the editor and include not only the Observer, Times and Sun News but also the State in Columbia and the Greenville News. Use your own words. You are the best authority on yourself. If you need any additional background material, please don't hesitate to contact me Thank you.

Rita here. Don't forget the Pawleys Pavilion Reunion is THIS Saturday. The Tams are playing and proceeds go to build our 100th house. Jim Mallow and I have tickets to sell so bring your checkbook with you. Tickets are $30/person.

Group discounts are available, so if you can herd 10 of your fellow friends and neighbors together, tickets are $22/person.

See you tomorrow.



did I forget to include the where and when of Drinking Liberally?
Where: Pastaria 811 in Pawleys Island
When: 6 pm Thursday

Details, details....


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