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Happy End of Summer!

And hello to having our town and our beaches back! Not to mention some wonderful fall-like weather.

So now that the grandkids are back in school and your company has gone home (finally!), come back out to Drinking Liberally and enjoy the company of your progressive peers.

As usual, we'll be at Pastaria 811. This is our last week at 5:00. Next week, we can move to either 5:30 or back to 6:00, whatever suits us best. Let's talk about it this week.

And don't forget your soup for Baskervill food pantry.

Last night, Dean and I went to Georgetown for a meet and greet with Rep. Bakari Sellers who is running for Lt. Gov.
While Mr. Sellers was impressive, the crowd was not. It was an embarrassing small turnout, unfortunately. I talked with his campaign manager about Drinking Liberally and have invited him to come speak to us sometime. I'll let you all know way in advance when it's scheduled. You'll want to be there.

Look forward to seeing everyone Thursday!


Check our FB page

Just posted some pictures of our school supplies being delivered!

Here's the link:


It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Back to school time, that is! We have our town back, the beaches are mostly empty and life in Pawleys returns to normal.

Speaking of returning to normal...we'll return to our normal meeting time after Labor Day, on Thursday the 4th. That should be good news to those of you working folks.

This week and next, we'll still be at 5 pm at Pastaria 811.

Chris Ryan informs me that the shelves at Baskervill are looking good, so we're just on for our usual soup donations this week.

Michael Carter, Gtn County Democratic Party Chair, wanted me to pass along that there will be a meet and greet coming up next Monday (25th) for Rep. Bakari Sellers, Candidate for Lt. Governor. The event will be at Winyah High Auditorium in Georgetown at 6 pm. For more info, or to RSVP, contact Michael at

Our school supply drive was a huge success so I think I can speak on behalf of (but not a loud as) Jim Watkins when I say thank you! I have some pictures I'll be posting to our FB page.

I've got a Habitat Board meeting this week so I will not be joining you. Dean will be representing the Smith's on my behalf.

Enjoy and I'll see you next week!


Double Trouble!

Yup! You have two reasons this week to socialize with your favorite group of PI Liberals!

The first is tomorrow night when the Waccamaw Neck Democrats meet. Their guest will be Dr. Tom Thompson Democratic candidate for State School Supt. We'll be combining our school supplies at this meeting which will be at the Parkersville Rec Center at 5:30. In case you haven't heard, SC ranks 42nd in education, so let's be there to show our support for public education. I saw Jim Watkins today and he said the school supplies he's collected was "overflowing"! Great job!

Our soup drive for Baskervill continues. Chris Ryan wanted me to pass this along: Hunger is still a problem for many people but the shelves were well stocked today at Baskervill. Volunteers brought in a large supply from the warehouse and food being dropped off from various groups including DL were aplenty!

Your continued weekly contributions of soup helped make this possible and BTW I was told that someone from the Pawleys area made a $5,000.00 donation!

And finally, last week I had mentioned taking out an ad in the Coastal Observer to promote drinking liberally and to let other like-minded folks know they're not alone in this red state of ours. I wanted to use the bottle logo and have the text read: Feeling blue in a red state? Have no fear, Drinking Liberally is here! There was a question about whether this crossed the "non-partisan" line and I'm happy to report that I've checked with the DL attorney and she has no problem with it. So...yea! We'll wait until the fall when go back to regular hours to put out an ad.

Speaking of "regular hours" does 5:30 suit us once the summer is over? Gives us time to walk our dogs and enough time for those who work to join us around 6ish. We can talk about it more on Thursday.

We're at Pastaria 811 starting at 5 pm. If I don't see you there, hope to see you tomorrow night.


Time is running out....

Our back to school supply drive is almost over!

This is the last week we'll be collecting supplies. Next week we'll be combining all our donations with the Waccamaw Neck Democrats at their meeting on August 12 at 5:30 at the Parkersville Rec Center. Dr. Tom Thompson, Democratic candidate for State School Supt. will be there, so let's have a good DL turnout to show our support for public education.

Our food drive for Baskerville is on-going and while we are always the designated "soup people" Chris Ryan tells me they are also low on canned fruit, oatmeal, mac 'n' cheese, etc. They only thing they don't need is canned tuna and pasta. So, clean out your pantry, pick up a couple of extra items at the store and bring them with you Thursday. I will let Chris relay the story she told me about the woman getting food at Baskerville. We really make a difference in people's lives.

I was asked to resend the list of school supplies needed and that's at the end of this message.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Pastaria 811 on Thursday starting at 5 pm.


Here is the grade specific list.

Kindergarten - large book bag (no rollers), crayons, plastic 2 pocket folder, beginner pencils with erasers, markers, composition notebook, 1 11/2" binder with pockets, glue sticks.

First Grade - crayons (24 pack), glue sticks (2), #2 yellow pencils (1 box), pink eraser, black and white marble composition book, blunt scissors.

Second Grade - 3 composition notebooks, 2 spiral notebooks, pack of sheet protectors, 1 folder with pockets (no prongs), crayons (16 count or more), glue sticks, pencil pouch (no boxes), pencil top erasers, pencils (solid colors).

Third Grade - 2 boxes #2 pencils, 2 packs of wide-ruled notebook paper, 1 1" binder, 2 marble composition books, 2 2 pocket vinyl folders (solid colors), 1 box colored pencils (12 count), 2 1 subject notebooks (70 sheets or more), 1 zipper pencil pouch (no boxes), 1 box crayons (24 count).

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