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Late again.....

Mea Culpa. So, I have two things to apologize for:

1. Being late with my weekly reminder. We'll be at Pastaria 811 tomorrow beginning at 5:30 pm. Remember to bring your 1 pound bags of rice for Baskervill...which brings me to apology #2.

2. We all forgot our rice last week! Including me. Shame on us.

But how about some good news. Right now, as we speak, House Dems are staging a sit-in in Congress to demand action on common sense gun reform. Will it help? Will anything be accomplished? Let's talk about it tomorrow.

And for your reading enjoyment, I'm attaching a link to a very thought provoking op-ed by Paul Krugman on why the Republican establishment folded like a house of cards. And contrasting that to the Democratic party. Well worth reading:

See y'all tomorrow,


Sorry I'm late.

But dang, I'm tired. Long day yesterday working the election and it looks like we're heading into a run-off on the 28th.

Remember, regardless of your party affiliation, you can vote on the 28th in the State Senate 34 race. Even if you didn't vote in the primary, you can still vote in the run-off. (it gets complicated when there are 2 party's primaries and too long to explain here)

Once again, our country is reeling from the loss of innocent lives due to a senseless gun violence. When will we say enough is enough? When will our elected officials have the BALLS (there, I said it!) to stand up to the NRA? How many times have I written this same rant in my email to you? It just makes me sick.

Deep breath.....and another....

Be there tomorrow at Pastaria 811 where we can all vent our frustration together. We start at 5:30 during the summer so the restaurant can use the back room starting at 7. Bring your rice for Baskervill.

I won't be able to join you as I have a Habitat Board meeting at the same time.

Keep the faith,


DL Thursday

Well.....last week sure was interesting! Never a dull moment with this group of PI Liberals!

Be sure to join us Thursday for our last meeting before next Tuesday's primary. As most of you know, we don't register by party in this state so you are free to vote in next week's primary if you so choose.

We'll be starting our summer hours this week, starting at 5:30 and being done by 7pm. Last week, at 7:30 the restaurant was packed. So they need the room for diners especially during the summer. The owners of Pastaria 811, David and Mary Jo Demer, have been very good to us and I thank you for accommodating them and starting a bit earlier.

Bring your 1 pound bags of rice for the Baskervill Food pantry.

We're having another tropical storm, but it should be out of here by Thursday.

If you're on Facebook, so are we! Just search Pawleys Island Drinking Liberally and there we are! I'll post some pictures I took last week. Be sure to "like" our page.



Special Guest

This Thursday, we will have another candidate for SC Senate seat 34 come visit us. Vida Miller is bringing Reese Boyd as her guest who will be speaking to us.

Since we are nonpartisan, we welcome all candidates and I know we'll have some thoughtful questions and discussion.

As a reminder, we have primaries coming up June 14th with a possible run-off on the 28th. We do not register by party in this state so you are able to vote in whatever party's primary you wish on that date. In the SC senate primary, the winner of the primary will most likely be our next state senator since there will be no opposition in November. If you want to vote in the Republican primary in 2 weeks, no one will think less of you. (wink, wink)

This is our last week for starting at 6 pm at Pastaria 811. Next week, we'll start a little earlier at 5:30 (you can come earlier if you wish). We just need to vacate the room by 7 pm during the summer so they can use it for dining.

A big PI Drinking Liberally welcome to our new folks! We always love finding new liberals!

Bring your rice for Baskervill.


Summer hours

Not yet, but soon. Our hosts at Pastaria 811 would like to move us to summertime hours (5-7:00 pm) starting on June 9 until September 8. How does that sound to everyone?

I think last year, we started at 5:30 with the understanding that we needed to be done by 7 pm. Think about what time you'd like to start and we can talk about it Thursday.

Lots going on politically - both nationally and here in little old Georgetown County. How did the debate go Monday night? I wasn't able to attend but would love to hear about it.

As always, we're at Pastaria 811 starting at 6 pm (for now). Bring your 1 pound bags of rice for Baskervill food pantry.

And, I'll put it out there -- if any of you are working for candidates (regardless of party affiliation) and would like them to come speak to us, just let me know.

See you Thursday,


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