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demise of an era?

Sadly, kids, it appears Drinking Liberally in Bellingham now becomes a thing of the past. With all our recent progressive victories, there just seems little left to celebrate. Anyway, the equine carcass is now all but dust and I'm retiring...
If anyone is interested in carrying the flag forward, I'll be happy to facilitate a rejuvenating effort. Otherwise, please carry on w/o me. Best Regards to you all. Scott

4th Wed

Well kids, I have a dte with the taxman on Wednesday, so I personally will be unable to lift a few with you this week.
I know you'll be able to carry on at the Horseshoe (7:30PM) w/o my stellar example.
It seems highly likely that the Horseshoe will not survive much longer; seems it's inimitable aura has been eclipsed by ... who knows what. And it is unlikely that stand-up "comedy" (what a joke!) will save it. So enjoy the 'Shoe while it lasts.
We do need to come up w/ an alternative venue. All ideas will be entertained.


OK kids,
Time for another round, Wed the 11th at the Shoe, 7:30PM.
I think we are due for another venue vote, so show up if you want a voice ...
Altho an email preference will be considered too.

Anybody drinking this week?

Let me know if any of you are up for DL this Wed, 7:30 at Horseshoe.
If so, great. I'll see you there.
If no, I'm going to take this one off in anticipation of a big weekend celebration.
Go Hawks!

Hoppy New Year

Hi kids,

We all set to usher in 2015 w/ cheers at Horseshoe, 7:30 this Wednesday, the 14th.

Hope to see you there/then.

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