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Drinking Liberally South Bellevue TONIGHT!

Hi all:

Sorry for the late reminder. It was a great turnout last month. Hope to see that again.

Looks like it's going to be Hillary vs. Trump. Won't that be a pleasant, tactful, honest contest.

Boeing enjoyed a $305 billion tax break last year compliments of our State Legislature and Washington tax payers. Meanwhile they have sent 5600 jobs out of state, mostly high paying engineering and technology jobs. Now that's gratitude. Of course they will use a chunk of that money on PR campaigns to convince us how fracking wonderful they are, and that we should be happy they still assemble some planes here.

The median price of a house in King County is more than $500,000. That's all of King County, not just the Seattle area where it is even higher. In 2014 median household income in Seattle was just over $71,000. That's total household income, not individual income. I have a hard time reconciling those two numbers.

Well that's enough out of me. Hope to see you tonight at the Mustard Seed in Newport Hills.

Rob Sargent
(425) 941-3134

Drinking Liberally tomorrow (Monday) April 4th


Sorry for the late reminder. Drinking Liberally South Bellevue will meet again Monday evening 7:00 pm at the Mustard Seed in Newport Hills.

Can Trump stagger to the finish line? Will the Republican establishment actually allow either an incoherent babbling fool or Ted Cruz to be the nominee? Will they disenfranchise the sizable anti-establishment wing of the Party by drafting Paul Ryan or some other relatively presentable character? Hard to imagine a scenario where things work out well for them.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Robert Sargent
(425) 941-3134

Drinking Liberally Monday, March 7th!


My apologies for neglecting drinking liberally. My work schedule has made it impossible for me to attend and I haven't been sending email reminders. But that has all changed. My schedule allows me to attend again, and I'd like to try to resurrect the group. We need a safe place to commiserate about the pathetic state of our nation's politics outside of work or social events.

I'm going to withhold comment on the primaries other than to respond to Paul Ryan's emphatic insistence that "This party does not prey on peoples prejudices!" Ha! The Republican Party has not won a national election in 50 years that didn't rely on dog-whistling the southern racist vote. It's called "The Southern Strategy", and it is alive and well today. Seriously, Mr. Ryan? The party that insists on voting restrictions specifically designed to keep blacks from filling out ballots, that cheers the dismantling of the Voting Rights Act, and further disenfranchised blacks by gerrymandering the bajeezus out of the entire country, concentrating blacks in the fewest possible congressional districts to minimize their electoral influence? That party doesn't "prey" on prejudice? The Republican Party relishes bigotry and racism because it gives them an advantage. It's primarily what makes the red states red. It is the main reason they remain viable as a governing majority in practically any legislative body in the entire country. On second thought, maybe the Republicans don't exactly "prey" on prejudice. That's not quite the right word. They merely practice it.

Hope to see you Monday, 7:00 pm at the Mustard Seed in Newport Hills.

Rob Sargent
(425) 941-3134

Drinking Liberally Tonight!

Sorry for the late notice. Dang those months go by in a hurry. Drinking Liberally S. Bellevue is on tonight at the Mustard Seed in Newport Hills. I won't be there because I'm working until 11 pm.

Starting in January, I'm going to try to reinvigorate the group with a guest speaker and maybe even a new venue.


Rob Sargent
(425) 941-3134

Drinking Liberally TOMORROW

Iowa, Iowa, Iowa. Enough about Iowa! Especially on the GOP side. It just isn't that important. It's tiny Iowa. If your entire strategy is based on winning Iowa, you are an idiot. The last two GOP presidential primary winners in Iowa were Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee. In Iowa, Santorum won a whopping 7 delegates of the 1144 required for the nomination, one more than Mitt Romney's 6.

In tha past Iowa has favored establishment candidates like GHW Bush, GW Bush, and Bob Dole; but barely. George W. Bush was unopposed in 2004, and just squeaked by Pat Buchanon in 2000. But Republicans have become increasingly anti-establishment, unreasonable, and unrealistic. To win the Iowa caucuses in 2016, a GOP candidate has to be an anti-science, global warming denying, evolution denying, homophobic, anti-immigrant pro-life zealot. The Iowa winner will be a long shot for the nomination, and not even remotely viable as a general election candidate.

When Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, or Carly Fiorina win Iowa, the pundits will all pretend it is a huge, Donald Trump sized deal. It isn't. To argue otherwise is to argue that a single free throw, for a 1-0 lead at the start of an NBA game, is a turning point. And that may be too generous. It might be the equivalent of winning the opening tip.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Mustard Seed in Newport Hills, 7:00 pm to discuss local and national politics. A lot is happening. And if you haven't yet, make sure you get your ballot in. Turn out is low!

Rob Sargent
(425) 941-3134

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