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Three big primary elections today are in Arizona, Florida, and Oklahoma. The results should provide plenty of grist for our discussions this evening. And kudos to our Letter to the Editor writers for their recent publications. We'll see you this evening at Isla Bonita at 7:00 PM (around 6:00 if you want to order a dinner).

Letters, Letters, Letters

Congratulations to the many Letter to the Editor writers among us. Your literary activism is appreciated. We can talk about that and other things this evening at the Isla Bonita restaurant at 7:00 PM.


One of our stalwarts, Mildred Walton, will be celebrating her 91st birthday this week. We'll be having some cake in her honor this evening. Meanwhile, Ronny Jackson's confirmation is in trouble, Trump is using a insecure phone, and there's a special election in Arizona in another one of those supposedly-securely Republican districts which has become strangely competitive. All this and more talking this evening at the Isla Bonita at 7:00 PM.

Bolten in the swamp and Cohen in deep yogurt

The President's lawyer is target of federal investigation. How many crimes will that bring to light? Let's talk about it this evening at Isla Bonita at 7:00 PM.

SOTU options

Many of us will be checking in at an alternative to SOTU, the State of Unity gathering at Springhill Suites in Kennewick (attached to the convention center). The rest of the gang will convene at our regular time and place, Isla Bonita at 7:00 PM. At least, young Joseph Kennedy will be worth watching.

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