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Drinking Liberally tonight

It's that time again. Let's get together at Woody's Tacos, 240 W Washington, downtown Vancouver, 7 PM.

Here's question for you - How did "Patriot" come to be owned by right-wing extremist no-nothing climate denying anti-choice gun lovers? Can't liberals be patriots? After all Eugene McCarthy was a WWII war hero as were millions of others. I think dissent is patriotic. Let's discuss this concept.

See you tonight.


Drinking Liberally this Tuesday

Let's get together at 7 at Wody's Tacos, 210 W Washington, downtown Vancouver on Tuesday, the 16th. In the meantime take 10 minutes to watch Elizabeth Warren call for the breakup of Citigroup.

Scroll down the page to see the video..

Drinking Liberally Reminder

Our monthly get-together will be on the 16th at Woody's Tacos. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Meeting Night - correction

Did I say the 13th? We're meeting on the 16th.

My bad.

Meeting Night

A number of members have shown an interest in attending meetings of the Middle Class Alliance, an organization started by Tim Probst, whom you will recall was narrowly defeated by the infamous Don Benton. Unfortunately their meetings happen on the second Tuesday, the same as ours. Since many of their aims are our aims - more and better jobs, quality education, human rights and so on, we are changing the date of our meetings to the third Tuesday.

This change will allow more of us to participate in discourse necessary to promote progressive movement in our society.

See you on December 13 at Woody's Tacos.

Any questions?



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