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New Chapter of DL in Shepherdstown, WV

Well, its just around the corner now. The first Drinking Liberally in Shepherdstown, WV on Thursday, July 13th 5-8pm at Town Run Tap House and Community Pub. Personally invited 60 of local like minded people and gave permission for them to share as well. Will run on the 2nd Thursday of every month from July on out.

First one is going to be very laid back and casual (who am I kidding? They ALL will be laid back and casual). Will ask those who do show up what, if any, topics they would like to talk about in the future. As simple as gardening to the more involved water coalition building in the panhandle. Will see what kind of responses we get. Will also be looking for a cohost for the days I can't make it (I don't plan on there being too many of those as I love the food and drink at Town Run).

Wondering if any other chapters play games like political charades? Could be fun..