Drinking Liberally Resources

Graphical Elements

Put these on your site or use them to create your own posters, table tents, and handouts.

Printable Stuff

  • 8.5 x 11 flyer (PDF, MS Word) to post on bulletin boards and let people know about Drinking Liberally
  • A more stylized flyer (PDF) to point to your meeting location
  • A Drinking Coffee Liberally flyer (PDF) for chapters that meet in coffeeshops and other caffeinated hangouts
  • Small flyers, 4 to a page (PDF, MS Word) to hand out or leave for people to take
  • Tri-fold table tent (PDF, MS Word) to put on tables at your bar so people can find you
  • Postable sign (MS Word) to show people where you are in the bar
  • Sign-up sheet (PDF, MS Word) to collect email addresses and then add them to your mailing list
  • Handout (PDF) to ask members to tip Drinking Liberally to support the national network
  • Business cards (MS Word) you can edit and print on Avery business card sheets
  • Lapel stickers (MS Word) for members to proudly wear when you're out of

  • General press release (PDF, MS Word)
    to send to papers about Drinking Liberally and your club's activities

  • Bingo cards (PDF) for the 2007 State of the Union

How-To Guides


Note: we are currently out of buttons! We'll be restocking in the next month and be back in business.

If you would like to order buttons for your chapter, you can order them here. There is a discount code for chapter hosts. If you do not know it, email your Regional Field Organizer or our general national address.

If you have suggestions for other resources you'd like, email us - or better yet, make one and send it to us so we can post it!