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Drinking Liberally Shot of Truth

The Silent Minority

Democrats move forward on impeachment
for Trump's continued attempts to coerce
foreign govs into US election interference.
And Republicans remain silent.

Pompeo was at Trump's Ukraine call.
Pence was part of the blackmail.
Barr was part of the cover-up.
And Republicans remain silent.

Trump suggested shooting immigrants,
considered border moats and spikes
& also slashes food stamps.
And Republicans remain silent.

An American majority supports impeachment,
more support conviction than oppose it,
while Trump doubles-down on attacks,
threats, lies, bribes, crimes & corruption ...
& suggests his supporters may get violent.
And Republicans remain silent.

Nixon once spoke of a silent majority.
Trump, the Nixon of a new era,
holds the reins of a silent minority.

Now it's time for him to go the way of Nixon
or the way the majority is ready to send him.

Much to talk about, gawk about,
cheers, jeers & share beers about
at your local progressive social club.


The Whistle's Been Blown

A suppressed whistleblower's complaint
over blackmailing foreign governments
into interfering with American elections
is the latest of many impeachable offenses
& the one that's breaking through the din.

Democrats were divided on Impeachment,
with some investigating, some procrastinating,
but now the dam-breaking flood of support
has sounded an alarm even Pelosi's ringing.

Trump has whistled for his supporters
to circle the wagons, repeat his lies,
in a familiar echo chamber of deception,
but could his whistle finally be broken?

Ukraine broke through more than Russia
as Democrats and voters say enough is enough,
and after years of crime, corruption & abuses,
we're finally whistling the tune of impeachment.

The whistle's been blown.
Now let's strike up the band.
Nobody knows the whole tune to this song,
but time for everyone to sing along.

Toasts to impeachment & whistleblowers
& talk of a historic week with familiar faces
at your local progressive social club.

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How Many Strikes 'Til They're Out?

Around the globe, we'll strike for the climate,
led by a rising generation that says enough,
even as Trump strikes out at California
over efforts to curb climate change.

Auto workers strike across the U.S.
at a time when CEOs rake in profits
but take swings against workers,
health care, benefits & workplace rights.

A whistleblower complaint is hidden,
Trump shares racist lies on Twitter,
Corey Lewandowski is the latest Trumpite
to defy, lie, obstruct, deny before Congress,
yet Dems are still shy to hold in contempt
or act against this contemptible crew.

Meanwhile Sean Spicer gets six figures
to dance with the stars
after trampling on the truth.

In baseball, it's three strikes and you're out.
More strikes than that against Trump & GOP,
time for the House Dems to call them out,
or for voters to strike back next November.

You won't strike out if you swing with us
for a few innings of pints and politics
at your local progressive social club

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Never Remember

Congress is back in session
with GOP planning no action on guns,
climate crisis or immigrants in detention
...while Dems move on impeachment, slowly.

Trump blocks Bahamians from relief in US,
seeks to roll back more enviro regulations,
& marks 9/11 with partisan attacks,
self congratulatory tweets
& a failed plan to secretly meet the Taliban.

And at least John Bolton is gone.
Although an unrepentant warmonger
never should've been there in the first place.

A special election in North Carolina
shows GOP faring behind Trump,
as polls show Trump behind leading Dems
leading up to the next national debate.

On 9/11, many of us say "Never forget."
The GOP seems to never remember:
To remember the mistakes of warmongers,
to remember to work for their constituents,
or to remember that Trump's dragging them down
& it's time they stand up to that mad man.

Debate, discuss, delight and disagree
as your dive into democracy & drinks
at your local progressive social club.

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The Most Unnatural Disaster

Following devastation in the Bahamas,
Dorian hammers away at the US coast
-- yet FEMA funding has been shifted
to build Trump's racist, wasteful wall.

Fires raging in the Amazon,
record highs this summer,
once-rare storms regularly causing chaos,
while Trump doctors maps with markers
& says he never heard of Category 5 storms.

Democrats take to a town hall
to talk climate crisis & Green New Deal
while Trump's focus is repealing regulations
on fuel standards, light bulbs & methane.

Of all these unnatural "natural" disasters,
Trump is the most unnatural and disastrous.

His outrageous, destructive impact
makes Britain look calm by comparison...

Take refuge with good company & camaraderie,
share political views, news & sips of booze
at your local progressive social club.

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The Climate Crisis in a Climate of Crisis

Hurricanes approach with a fury
after a summer of heat waves
as Greta Thunberg arrives with a cause
to light a fire under global leaders.

The Amazon's catastrophic fire
terrifies the international community
while Trump's EPA pushes rollbacks
to further fuel the climate crisis.

Trump & China confound the economy,
Bolsanaro confounds the world,
Boris confounds Parliament
& the G7 confound each other.

And while the Dems nix candidates
from the September debates,
they nix a climate debate as well.

Arrogant autocrats create
a climate of crisis in which they thrive.
The rest of us want to confront
a climate crisis in order to survive.

Find a climate of cool camaraderie
with cold drinks & a chill conversation
at your local progressive social club.

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We've Entered the Twilight Zone

Trump calls himself "the chosen one"
& accuses Jewish Democrats of "great disloyalty,"
while professional liar Sean Spicer gets an invite
to appear on Dancing With the Stars.

Trump rolls out more anti-immigrant policies:
from punishing immigrants for using food stamps
to detaining families indefinitely,
while yielding to the NRA on gun restrictions.

While Brazil's Amazon is burning in a fiery crisis,
its right-wing leader blames environmentalists.

And Trump canceled a presidential trip
because Denmark wouldn't consider
selling Greenland to the United States.

Some of these headlines feel like The Onion.
All of these news stories feel like the Twilight Zone.
Now, through impeachment or election,
let's make it the twilight of the Trump administration.

You deserve a drink & to share what you think
with cool company on a hot day
at your local progressive social club.

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We Are The Tired. The GOP Is The Poor.

Trump attacks immigration—again—
& his immigration chief justifies it
by rewriting the Statue of Liberty's poem.

GOP takes no action on guns—again—
even as the NRA faces turmoil
& Walmart faces pressure over gun sales.

Steve King faces backlash—again—
for comments on rape and incest
after a career marked by white supremacy.

The Statue of Liberty poem reads:
"Give us your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

Well as this point WE are tired:
Tired of the attacks, racism, misogyny,
the chaos, corruption, corporate cronyism.

And the GOP is poor:
Too bankrupt of courage to defy Trump
& bankrupt of morals to defy the 1% --
poor excuses for leadership in DC.

And as for our huddled masses—
maybe voting in 2020 election
is one way we'll breathe free.

Breathe free, speak freely, and drink liberally
as you pour a pint & make a point
at your local progressive social club.

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A Nation Armed, A Nation Harmed

Mass shootings in El Paso, Dayton, Gilroy,
and daily gun violence & fatalities,
scar, terrorize & change all of us --
but fail to change Republican politics.

The gun massacres aren't the only tragedies
aimed at immigrants, fueled by racism,
as ICE launches unprecedented raids,
families are separated, neighbors deported
& kids are kept in cages & camps.

Trump, armed with Twitter,
dehumanizes immigrants,
attacks people of color,
then calls his critics racist.

With guns & white supremacy,
our nation is armed.
By guns & white supremacy,
our nation is harmed.

It's time to disarm hate
& to vote out the haters.

In the meantime, find company & comfort,
a cold drink & cool conversation
at your local progressive social club.

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The Heat Is On

Over 2 nights, 20 candidates
stand for five hours
to share what they stand for
and see who stands out
in the race to stand up to Trump.

The push for impeachment
is reaching a majority of Democrats
& while it's not yet "impeachment now,"
it's not necessarily "impeachment never."

As Congress goes on recess,
Trump rallies on the road
so racist rants & hateful chants
can double down on terrifying tweets.

Hot days, heated debates,
& a Pyro-in-Chief fanning racist flames
make for a scorching summer
& some scorched-Earth politics.

Break the heat with cool company,
refresh with chill convo & cold beers
at your local progressive social club.

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