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Drinking Liberally Shot of Truth

Scarier Than One Mad Man With A Nuke

Trump improvisationally threatens “fire and fury,”
Kim Jong Un’s team targets Guam,
as two mad men compete to be the Maddest Hatter.

Trump is mad at McConnell that health care failed,
McConnell is mad that that he’s dealing with Trump,
and 200 days in, Republicans are mad
that their Congress hasn’t achieved anything.

Manafort’s mad the FBI raided his home,
Kelly must be mad at the White House in disarray,
Tilerson’s mad that he’s constantly one tweet behind
and Trump’s mad at Sessions, Rosenstein & Mueller
and fuming mad he hasn’t fired them yet.

August recess is proving no vacation
as the madness of D.C. infects the nation
centered on the Mad Man at the NJ golf course.

But Trump’s North Korea insanity proves one thing.
There is something scarier than a mad man with a nuke
… and that’s two Mad Men with nukes.

Stop the madness.
Can’t you all find another recess game to play?

In the meantime, cool down with cold drinks,
cool company and chill conversation
at your local progressive social club.

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An Administration of Mooches

Sure, "Mooch" has come and gone
but the administration is still overrun
with Wall Street 1%-ers, foul-mouthed goons,
and relentless aggression toward journalists.

Maybe Kelly got Scaramucci removed,
but white nationalist Steve Bannon,
perjurer Jeff Sessions, liar Jared Kushner,
and hateful Stephen Miller haven't budged.

Meanwhile, the Congressional GOP
was stymied from taking healthcare from millions
but wants to let the superrich and corporations
mooch off of more tax breaks and giveaways.

Scaramucci wasn't the only "Mooch"—
the administration is filled with more like him
and moochers at every turn.

Toast the victory against Trumpcare,
as we vent over the fact that Trump doesn't care
and share a night with like-minded liberals
at your local, progressive social club.

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Do Or Die

The Senate GOP works feverishly
to pass a dangerous and deadly repeal
as McConnell and Trump use every tool
to threaten, bully, bribe, and deceive.

The headlines keep changing
as fast as the deadlines keep moving,
and Americans’ lifelines are threatened
as the GOP beelines toward a vote.

Dems deflected, denied, delayed,
but in the end if Trumpcare’s defeated
it’ll be because popular opposition
dug in, drove outrage and did all it could
to deal with these dastardly deal-makers.

Republicans are at a “do or die” moment
but if they “do” then many others will die.
So this is “do or die” for all of us.

And then we can get back to
Trump’s impeachable behavior
or maybe tackling big problems
like climate change, refugee crises,
wage stagnation, and crumbling schools.

You deserve a drink! And some democracy!
So join like-minded libation lifters
at your local, progressive social club.

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The Bill That Just Won't Die

Trumpcare is so bad they delayed a vote,
then they changed the bill, tried to rush the bill,
then they pulled the bill to try repeal
and that was immediately nixed.

The bill has 12% approval,
would take coverage from tens of millions,
and can’t get support of 50 Republicans,
yet McConnell tries to make the numbers work.

Now, they hustle for another new version,
still threaten to vote on a straight repeal,
and if they fail would even vote AGAIN
when McCain returns to work in the Senate.

How do you stop a zombie like Trumpcare?
We need to pull the plug on this bill,
because it just keeps coming back,
trying pull the plug on the rest of us.

Share a night with fellow left-leaners
as you share a few liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

Find, or start, a chapter near you

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Donald has proven arrogant, reckless,
concerned with power above all,
and to believe he’s above the law.
Senior? Junior? Your call.

A “new” Senate health bill
will take health care from millions
and deeply slash Medicaid.
Wait, isn’t that the old Senate bill too?

America’s most notable role at the G20?
The isolated voice on climate change,
a too-cozy meeting with Putin
and stirring outrage and discomfort by sending
Trump’s daughter as part of the delegation.

When a tree is rotten to the core,
better look closely at all the fruit it bears,
and with both Trump and GOP policy,
the apples don’t fall far from the tree.

Escape summer heat with cool conversation,
a chill chance to chat politics and cold beers
at your local, progressive social club.

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Not Quite What Jefferson Imagined ...

We need restraint and commonsense
to deal with North Korea tensions.
Instead we get tweeted taunts
and threats to go it alone.

Thoughtful expertise and compassion
could help strengthen healthcare.
Instead we get a plan so unpopular
Republicans hide from 4th of July parades
so they don’t have to defend Trumpcare.

And as we mark Independence Day
inclusive leadership could boost democracy.
But we get fraudulent voter suppression claims
and videos of wrestling the news media.

241 years ago, Thomas Jefferson wrote about
“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
Somehow today’s politics
doesn’t seem quite like what he envisioned.

Raise a glass to progressive possibilities
as we push forward and share a pint
at your local progressive social club.

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Here Come the Fireworks

As the Senate Trumpcare plan is stalled,
Republicans turn on each other,
constituents prepare to unleash outrage over recess,
and Trump’s just waiting to explode at someone.

As the Court allows parts of the Muslim ban,
immigrants and allies raise voices in opposition,
conflicting enforcement promises confusion,
and builds for a big Supreme Court showdown.

And as America escalates warmongering rhetoric,
as new threats of cyber attacks increase,
and as real global crises require true leadership,
Trump pops off a series of juvenile tweets.

Many of us are looking forward to fireworks
as we celebrate this 4th of July.
But the political fireworks may be louder and brighter
from DC showdowns and Trump’s own social media.

Either way, it should be quite a spectacle.

Since, the revolution was born in the bars,
we’ll toast Independence Day
and continue the tradition
at our local progressive social club.

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The Unpopularity Contest

The House Trumpcare bill is outlandishly unpopular
yet the Senate decided to make it even worse,
with deeper cuts to Medicaid and Medicare,
and still taking health care from tens of millions.

Trump himself is at record disapproval,
with a plurality of Americans wanting him impeached,
except for Congressional GOP who defend him,
and Congressional Dems who avoid the “I” word.

And the Republicans are so disliked
that they even lost a reliably red House seat.
Oh, wait. They didn’t. Democrats lost that one.

Either unpopularity isn’t enough to stop
Trump, the Republicans and their agenda,
or maybe this unpopularity contest isn’t over yet.

And Dems would do well to compete on populism
— instead of competing in unpopularity.

Be populist, pointed, provocative and popular
over a pint with some political pals
at your local, progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

America’s Pastime?

A congressional baseball game interrupted
by the deranged violence of a gunman.
Violent political protest cannot be tolerated,
yet in our society, gun violence too often is.

The Senate changes the rules of the game
to use unprecedented, undemocratic secrecy
to push a disastrous health care repeal
disregarding Senate protocol, American democracy,
and tens of millions whose health care is at stake.

Trump’s team weighs firing the special counsel,
Sessions is defiant about his own deceit,
and daily headlines make obstruction of justice
a new common feature in American politics.

It sure was nicer when baseball --
and also democracy -- were America’s pastime,
instead of violence, secrecy, watching angry tweets,
and unrelenting attacks on the Constitution.

Raise a glass to baseball and democracy,
to victims of yesterday's shooting
and to victims of gun violence everywhere,
as well as to those who defend our Constitution
at your local progressive social club.

Find, or start, a chapter near you.

Mmmmm … Peach …. Mint

The Republicans are trying to sneak through
a Trumpcare bill that takes away coverage
strips protections, raises premiums,
all to give tax breaks to the super rich.

Trump rejects the Paris accords
putting the US alongside Syria
and turning his back on the world,
on science and on a global threat.

Following London attacks,
Trump attacks the Mayor of London.
Following Iran attacks,
Trump attacks the Iranian people.

How do you even begin to confront
this threat to our nation and the world?
Resistance, advocacy, people power …
and maybe a hearty serving of Comey.

As testimony begins, grab a snack.
We recommend a peach … and a mint.
Mmmm….peach mint.

Let’s hope for something refreshing
to wash this terrible taste from our mouths.

In the meantime, enjoy the taste of friendship
and a cold beer … or a peach mint cocktail
at your local progressive social club.

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