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Drinking Liberally Shot of Truth

Elections Come And Go, The GOP Stays The Same

The American people spoke on Election Day
in support of the top 1% paying their fair share
but Boehner & McConnell return to DC
& immediately insist tax revenue is off the table.

Voters sent the Republicans a message
to let Benghazi inquiries run their course
but the GOP keeps searching for a scandal
instead of searching for the truth --
or searching for a jobs plan!

And John McCain threatens to filibuster Susan Rice
if she's nominated for Secretary of State
saying our UN Ambassador is ill-prepared
...from a man who made Palin a household name.

Preserve social security, no austerity,
focus on jobs, let Bush tax cuts expire --
the American people have spoken,
but the right-wingers aren't listening.

It's just a reminder that elections come and go
but the Grand Old Party stays the same.

Hopefully, the Democrats remember
that it's American voters they should listen to
-- not Senate old-timers or Fox News pundits.

Whether you need a post-election catharsis
or want to recharge for the fights ahead,
join a drink and share what you think
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Four More Years - Many More Beers

A historical, exhausting and costly campaign
led to victory for a President who spent 4 years
not tackling global warming, taxing billionaires,
jailing bankers or reforming immigration.

As a dozen toss-up races were decided,
the new Senate bolsters the same majority
that's been hostage to a filibustering minority,
stymied by lethargy, protocol and conservatism.

And after volunteers pounded the pavement
to determine scores of tight House races,
we still have Speaker John Boehner.

The most expensive election in history
just maintained the status quo.

But with the extreme right-wing alternative,
the status quo doesn't look so bad.

Plus with a record number of women in the Senate,
our first gay Senator, first Buddhist Senator,
our first Hindu member of Congress,
votes for marriage equality across the country,
as well as for marijuana reform and union rights
& names like Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren,
Tammy Baldwin & Alan Grayson,
the status quo just got a little better.

Speaking of the status quo: DRINKING LIBERALLY
continues to be your home for camaraderie,
conversation and left-leaning libations.

Join us to see old friends and make new ones,
maintain your energy and sustain your commitment
to creating a more liberal America.

Elections come and go. We're still here.
Four More Years -- and Many More Beers
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start a chapter near you.

The World We Fear, The Society We Want

Politicians who campaigned against each other
have become elected officials who work together.
After years of seeking Obama's Waterloo,
the GOP now praises his leadership.

We're not hearing rants against union thugs,
but applause for first responders & relief workers.
Instead of diatribes against Big Government,
we're grateful for public emergency services.

Bad corporate citizens are showing generosity.
For-profit companies are aiding the public good.
Citizens aren't asking if you're red or blue,
but if you need a hand or can offer one.

We don't want a world of escalating disasters
and need action on climate change to prevent it.

We do want a society that acts for the common good
and need to take action to preserve it:
the civil society we've seen in Sandy's aftermath
that we rarely see in a Presidential campaign.

This hurricane shows us how much we have to fear.
It also shows how much reason we also have to hope.

Right now, help and donate to that society.
Next week, vote for a stronger society.
Then, beyond, work and advocate to preserve
and strengthen that society against all threats
foreign, domestic, global, natural & human-made.

In the meantime, find your community
-- comrades and conversation, tales & toasts --
as we join in the society we so desperately need
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

When Getting Lumped Beats Being Trumped

With "horses and bayonets" Mitt started a weak week,
spending half the final debate getting trounced
and half agreeing with the man doing the trouncing.

Then Murdouck made Mitt's week much worse,
saying pregnancy from rape is what God's intended
forcing Romney to decide if he defended
the man he told Indiana to send to the Senate.

But $5 million brought the week to its worst --
offered by Mitt's own supporter, Donald Trump,
who trumped Romney by mugging the media
in a bigoted, foolish crusade to steal the spotlight.

Compared to what fellow GOPers have said,
being mocked by the Prez was this week's high point.

Mitt's hit bumps, seen a slump and was dumped,
but getting lumped still beats being Trumped.

With 12 days left, come share a night
to meet, greet, laugh, learn, talk and toast
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Bidding Biden to be Rid of Ryan

After Romney came out swingin' and fightin',
and Obama seemed to be duckin' and hidin'
the Dems turn the next round to Joe Biden.

The GOP's high-flyin' on Romney's lyin'
and Obama's shy 'n tirin' sighin'
but can they keep Dems fryin' with Paul Ryan?

While the polls may tighten, it's no landslidin'
so will the right-wing mite continue to frighten
or will Obama's VP to the rescue ride in,
and the mood he'll lighten spirits heighten?

The Right's rooting to keep Dems cryin'
but the left's bidding Biden to be rid of Ryan.

Watch the debate and join the discussion
with left-leaning friends and liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Liar, Denier and Big Bird Fire-er

Mitt continued his big lie about Medicare
-- and while Obama didn't take it lying down,
he didn't stand up strongly enough,
letting the lie live another day.

Romney denied his own tax plan
to reduce taxes for the richest 1%,
but the President demurred his own chance
to bring up 47% and rally for the 99%.

Mitt said he'd fire Big Bird --
he likes firing people…and Muppets too.
But even this didn't inflame Barack,
who seemed lacking his own fire-power.

Don't lie down in front of lies,
don't power down, get fired up,
because now we see the Real Romney:
a liar, denier and Big Bird Fire-er.

Come debate the debate, cheer & jeer,
as you share your thoughts & toast a beer
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

The GOP Is Banking on Replacement Refs

Romney's 47% insult to America
was quickly followed by his 14% tax returns
and an ever-diminishing percentage in the polls
but he says it's still "early" in the race.

Ryan's runs for VP like it's a marathon:
a long, painful course requiring hard work
at which he's mediocre, but claims he's world-class.

GOP candidates everywhere are alienating
women, youth, gays and non-white Americans,
yet argue they represent the real America
…or at least the aging white male part of it.

If elections were football, the GOP would be scrambling
for one Hail Mary pass to change their fortunes.
But with Super PACs, Fox News & voter suppression,
this game isn't on an even playing field.

...and Republicans are banking on replacement refs
getting the call wrong in the end zone.

Florida's happened before.
Voter purges, ID could happen again.
It's time we get real referees back in this game.

Share your election theories and queries
as you raise your voice & raise a glass
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Mathematics vs. Mitt-Thematics

Mitt calls half of America dependents,
implying they are freeloading moochers
-- including the working poor, seniors
& middle class families who pay payroll taxes.

Mitt says these voters all support Obama
though Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia,
Idaho, South Carolina are among the top states
for residents paying no federal income tax.

Mitt says he doesn't worry about these people.
He should worry because these people
are regular Americans, voters, and the deciders
who are about to keep him unemployed.

Mitt's math led to Mitt's myth about America.
Truth-challenged Romney finally got a fact right
but he drew all the wrong conclusions.
No wonder he usually sticks with fiction.

He tried to win us with mathematics
but he lost us again with Mitt-thematics.
And now 47 is the new 99...

Bill Clinton did say the secret was "arithmetic."
For Mitt, he should've added "Don't be a jerk."

Liberals + drinks + good conversation
adds up to a welcoming scene & fun night,
so join the math of politics and pints
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Campaigns Bounce, Then Reality Bites

After the DNC got us re-fired and ready to go
the next day's jobs report was ready to stall,
so while the Prez enjoys a strong bounce,
too many still suffer a weak slide.

On Labor Day we honored working Americans
and committed to move forward with them,
and then Chicago teachers were forced to strike
against Obama's anti-worker ex-chief-of-staff.

We solemnly marked 9/11, but also were grateful
that bin Laden is gone, troops are returning,
& for the hope that bloomed in the Arab Spring.
Then violence in Libya took our Ambassador's life.

A convention can make us all soar,
until the real world returns with a thud.
Campaigns bounce…and then reality bites.

These folks may all enjoy being candidates
but we hope they realize governing is hard.

If you choose, share the news, share your views
and do it all over a sip of liberal booze
as we share a drink & what we think
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Speech Us, Preach Us, But Will He Reach Us?

Michelle moved us, Castro connected,
Warren whipped us up & Bill blew us away,
but after a series of inspiring addresses,
it's ultimately Barack Obama on the ballot.

The President & VP will take the stage
to stand by their first term and seek a second,
yet it's not just if the past four were good,
but convincing us the next four can be better.

We know the President's orations can inspire
but also that his actions at times inspire less.
Can tonight's words renew our hope for change,
as well as prove these are more than just words?

Mr. President, you'll preach us and teach us,
but in the end, will your speech truly reach us?

And set your bar higher than Mitt's speech.
In the competition for best address,
it's the First Lady who is your main rival.

Your convention of neighborhood liberals awaits you
so come out for a night of good company
at your local progressive social club.

Find a local convention watch party
or start a chapter near your.