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Drinking Liberally Shot of Truth

Border Issues and Broader Issues

The crisis of tens of thousands of children
from Central America crossing the US border
isn't isolated, nor only about immigration
but about how we act compassionately as a nation.

The explosion of the Israeli / Palestinian feud
is about more than brutal killings on both sides.
It shows a lack of international political pressure,
even among goodwill players, to resist violence.

Tumult continues from Syria to Iraq and beyond.
Russian separatists create chaos in Ukraine.
The World Cup becomes a platform to protest
poverty in Brazil and global injustice abroad.

Few of these crises have easy fixes,
and just as few really stop at the water's edge.

There are border issues. And broader issues.
Until we start tackling the broader issues
of inequality, extremism and authoritarianism,
with compassion, seriousness and inclusion,
nobody's borders will truly keep them safe.

For now, know you'll belong and never be bored
with broad, buoyant conversation and a beer
at your local progressive social club.

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The Justices Could Use a New Hobby

The Supreme Court ruled against women,
reproductive health, family planning and science,
deciding the rights corporations count more.

The Justices set a precedent for companies to seek
religious exemptions from a host of laws
that protect employees, customers and the public.

SCOTUS has been on a supremely unfortunate path:
letting more money into politics,
guaranteeing more protections for corporations
and securing fewer safeguards for individual.

America could use a different decision in Hobby Lobby.
Or maybe the Justices should just take up a new hobby.

I hear George Bush has found painting very fulfilling --
I'd love to see Scalia and Thomas at an easel.

Until then, paint the picture of a better tomorrow
over political pints with a few pleasant pals
at your local progressive social club.

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From Mississippi to Iraq, Opposites Attract

In a unanimous decision on cell phone privacy,
the often-divided Supreme Court pulled together.

To address Iraq's insurgency and uncertainty,
the US and Iran may actually have to communicate.

To save his seat from a Tea Part challenger,
a Mississippi conservative relied on Democrats.

Maybe it's just a touch of unlikely summer love,
or the spirit of the World Cup infecting politics,
but this season shows opposites can still attract.

Let's attract some conversation and community
as we gather with lefties and libations
at your local progressive social club.

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Iraq Hacks Are Back

Iraq Hacks Are Back

A broken, bleeding Iraq worsens daily,
the citizens of Baghdad live in fear
and the Bush-Cheney gang reappears
declaring this proves their way was right.

"Mission Accomplished" made a mess we couldn't fix
and if Iraq falls, it's part the failure and fault
that we never had a mission we could accomplish.
Yet the GOP is raring to re-invade to set it right.

While a group more militant than Al Qaeda
is seizing cities and slaughtering soldiers,
the US Prez who tried to sweep up a broken country,
gets pummeled more than the one who shattered it.

We're stuck between Iraq and a hard place
and the guys who dug the hole to begin with
have leapt back in, shovels at the ready.

They weren't just hawks, they were hacks,
hot to attack, they took a whack
and then, with a crack, they wrecked Iraq.
Now these quacks yak -- and deserve a smack.

Iraq's a wreck.
And the Iraq Hacks Are Back

Hot nights and heated debates
deserve cool drinks and chill company,
so temper the temperature with timely talk
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

What the Right-Wing Won't, Dems Don't & Cantor Can't

What the Right-Wing Won't, Dems Don't & Cantor Can't

Iraq can't contain the extremist elements
that have now taken control of Mosul.
America can't control the extremist elements
that cause terror, opening fire at our schools.

Right-wingers can't stop shouting impeachment
over every topic from Benghazi to Bergdahl.
Dems don't know how to call out these conspiracies,
and can't commit Congress to constructive causes.

Obama's agenda can't overcome opposition
from the extreme elements of the Tea Party.
Eric Cantor, who helped unleash that energy,
now learns that he can't contend with it either.

When it comes to controlling our own extremists,
the NRA won't, while Right Wingers rant
and Democrats don't while Cantor can't.

Hopefully general elections and common sense
will be able to do what nobody else can.

Share your views, while sipping some booze
as topics flow while friendships grow
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

When Can We Start Regulating Hot Air?

The President finally gets serious about the climate
and some Democrats retreat, claiming it will cost jobs,
really meaning they are scared for their own jobs.

Republicans clamor for the return of a POW
until the President makes a deal to bring him home.
Now their rhetoric is reversed, their outrage rehearsed,
their logic has burst and their accusations the worst.

The NRA finally admits some gun owners go too far
then they retreat from their statement
because it angered their members who go too far.

Dems dissembling, Republicans ranting,
conservatives carping, Tea Partiers puffing --
thank goodness we finally have carbon rules --
now when can we start regulating all this hot air?

It's hot enough out there, so cool down with a drink
and chill company with and breezy conversation
at your local progressive social club.

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Through the Looking Glass, but Far From Wonderland

In Egypt, the new President about to be elected
led the ouster of the last elected President
who followed the ouster of the prior President,
who had previously been a military commander.

In Santa Barbara, a murderous rampage
has America debating sex, mental health,
the internet, Hollywood and almost any topic
other than enacting sensible gun legislation.

In Washington, conservatives criticize the President
for a planned withdrawal of American troops
from a country we will have been in for 15 years,
where we have no mission and nobody wants us to be.

News this nonsensical sounds like farcical fiction --
like our society has fallen through the Looking Glass.
But one thing for certain, we're far from Wonderland.

Better to amuse than confuse, to share then despair
so make the most of a few friends and a toast
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

If We Wanted a Bush White House, We'd Have Elected Jeb

An administration is issuing a memo
to assure us that assassination is legal
because it was called target killing.

A scandal of misconduct at VA hospitals
reveals that despite pro-veteran rhetoric
our leadership isn't paying enough attention.

Favors for bankers. Domestic surveillance.
Drilling. Deportations. Drones.

Someone should remind the Obama team
that if we wanted a Bush-style White House,
we would have elected Jeb.

Start the summer season right:
sharing thoughts, drinks and company
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Feckless Mining, Reckless Undermining

As Republicans mine for votes,
their focus on undermining the President
prohibits progress on national priorities
from job creation to infrastructure investment.

The NSA mined for data so aggressively
that it undermined Obama on privacy
handing Rand Paul and a band of Tea Partiers
a brand new issue to revive reeling right-wingers.

In Turkey, a fatal mining collapse
is further undermining the Prime Minister,
not unlike America's senseless drive to drill
that's drilling a hole in our environmental efforts.

Feckless mining leads to reckless undermining
of priorities, politicians and of our planet.
Maybe it's time for building big, not breaking bad.

Share thoughts on the nation and the world
while sharing a night with like-minded lefties
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Enough Global Climate Change, How About Political Climate Change?

Reports are conclusive about climate change
and the President is taking and urging new actions,
but denials and distractions will stall progress
until there's a change in the climate in Washington.

The world offers help and holds onto hope
for the kidnapped girls in Nigeria,
but until women's equality is embraced everywhere,
these are not the only girls at risk.

Putin plays, the world worries and Ukraine unravels,
but it will take more than big talk and idle threats
to change the global tone of confrontation
into one of collaboration and and comity.

We know that global climate change is man-made.
But we could really use man-made changes
in our political climate, in America and abroad.

Enjoy a climate that's right for you:
warm conversation, cold drinks, cool company
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.