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Drinking Liberally Shot of Truth

Drones and Droning

After years of attacks by unmanned drones
-- a practice that has seeded fear & enmity --
it takes a confirmation hearing for the Senate
to finally question the White House about it.

After years of increasing tension & confusion
for non-documented workers in the US,
a group of GOP lawmakers finally speak for reform,
but maybe not as loudly as those who oppose it.

After debt ceiling struggles, Super Committee foibles
and Grand Bargain scuttles created sequestration,
Congress is now talking about avoiding the crisis
of severe cuts that they themselves created.

They act like a bunch of unmanned crafts
-- maybe it's a Congress made up of drones.
Even when they are poor at legislating,
they still prove pretty adept at droning...

Instead of droning, join for discussion,
and choose a drink instead of drone
as you share a night with like-minded lefties
at your local progressive social club.

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The GOP's Immigrating, But Will They Get Amnesty?

GOP views on immigration are immigrating,
and taking up new residence left of center,
but after years of xenophobic crusading
will they find a home among reformers?

On guns, some conservatives cross the border
from the realm of paranoia to a place of reality,
but next time they attend a right-wing convention
they might be asked to show their IDs at the door.

On gay rights, women in combat & other issues,
Republicans are discovering a land of opportunity,
but will their history of bigotry keep them off
a pathway to citizenship in Common Sense Nation?

Some members of the GOP may be immigrating,
but it'll be awhile before they get amnesty.

All are welcome to be part of our gatherings
so cross the border into the bar
to share your thoughts and a drink or two
at your local progressive social club.

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Obama's Inarguable Inaugural

President Obama sparled his second term
speaking of pay equity, marriage equality
& ensuring rights for all Americans...
a message Conservatives argued was divisive.

He used a day of civic sacredness
to preach of promoting pathways to citizenship,
and strengthening voter enfranchisement
in a speech Tea Partiers called inappropriate.

As he renewed his role as President,
he looked to lead on global challenges
from climate change to world peace...
which the Right viewed as un-American.

The Right will argue against Obama's message
& the Left may argue the Address was only words
but it was an inarguable inaugural of a new era
& we hope it augurs change in the years to come.

Inspired or tired, impressed or depressed,
share your views while you sip some booze
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Putting Zen Back Into Citizen

While the NRA pushes a paranoid dystopia,
the President proposes common sense steps
to calm violence, cool tempers & control guns.

The President will propose a pathway to citizenship
to give many families a sensible, secure standing,
but conservatives want to obstruct that path,
hurt families & leave immigrants in the shadows.

The Tea Party Congress wants to play games
with the debt limit & our country's finances,
but the President's refusing to pay ransom
as he seeks to reassure & rejuvenate the public.

One side stands still, while the other moves forward.
One side stokes fears, the other sparks progress.

The "everything's a crisis" approach to governing
has been done & hasn't served us too well.
Let's put a little Zen back into Citizen.

Join the rhythms of conversation & good company
as you cool down with a drink & warm up with a toast
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Maybe Kerry Will Beat Bush After All

In 2004, John Kerry proposed a new direction
but America voted to stay the course in our wars.
Now, America is happy to have drawn down in Iraq
& Kerry will soon help us leave Afghanistan.

In '04, Kerry said that police action, not war,
was the right course for fighting terrorism.
The then-Prez disagreed, so it wasn't until 2011
that intelligence & analysis caught Bin Laden.

Nine years ago, Swift Boaters slandered Kerry --
now he's going to be America's envoy to the world.
Nine years ago, George W Bush won the election --
by term's end, he was a national embarrassment.

The country tries to forget one of these men,
and his own party tries to ignore him.
The other may yet have lasting positive impact
on the nation and on world.

Despite what happened in 2004,
maybe Kerry will defeat Bush after all.

Raise a toast to our future Secretary of State
& discuss the Hagel haggle about to happen
as your share your thoughts & share a night
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

A New Year Resolution for a A New Year of Real Solutions

The fiscal cliff was an artificial problem
caused by a Congress punting an issue
and settled by Congress punting an issue.

When President Obama caved last time,
he swore it would truly be the last time,
a resolution he re-resolved this time,
which will last until he caves next time.

The Republicans show serious resolve
to refuse to seriously solve anything.
The Democrats are only resolute
in their commitment never to be too resolute.

We're kicking off a new year,
but Washington can't kick old habits.
We need a New Year's resolution
to see this year new real solutions
…or hey, we'll say we want a revolution.

Our revolution begins at happy hour
so make your resolution to raise a glass
at your local progressive social club.

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We Have Bigger Problems Than The Mayans

The end of the world came and went
and instead of a Mayan apocalypse,
we saw the NRA proposing its own.

The Christmas holiday came and went
and instead of creating peace on earth,
we scuttled Santa's sleigh with drone strikes.

The fiscal cliff's about to come and go
& though no deal is better than a bad deal,
both sides will use the dire, urgent moment
to push unwanted, unnecessary ideas.

Seems like the biggest disasters
aren't made by Mayan prophecies
but the ones we bring on ourselves.

Let's put away our guns and drones,
man-made crises & political apocalypses
-- and instead of ending the world,
how about we just end the year?

Here's to a healthy, happy, big-hearted
more progressively prosperous new year.

In the meantime, share a night with us,
sharing reflections, resolutions & a toast
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

This Can't Be America's Christmas Carol

While the season calls for Peace on Earth,
we mourn victims in Newtown and everywhere.
Instead of focusing on Goodwill for All,
conservatives resist sensible gun control,
defend assault weapons and call to arm teachers.

We cheer George Bailey and Bedford Falls,
yet our President offers a deal to put seniors
in a new generation of Pottersvilles.

We sing Let It Snow and of Winter Wonderland,
but as the obvious devastation of climate change
goes unchecked, unchallenged & unchanged,
fewer of us will experience a White Christmas.

A few ghosts taught Ebeneezer Scrooge to change.
How many will it take to convince America?

This isn't how our Christmas Carol's supposed to go.
Let's find the courage to share different stories
in the true spirit of this holiday season.

Come all ye faithful to join the chorus
of like-minded lefties hoisting liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Let's Get Fiscal -- And Get Physical

The GOP say the only way to address the debt
is to weaken Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security,
but we know that healthy, secure Americans
make a healthier, more secure America.

Deficit hawks want to stop investing in our country
and privatize our resources and public works,
though we know a strong national infrastructure
is key to a strong, national economy.

Tea Partiers obstruct needed disaster relief
and laugh off spending on disaster preparation,
yet we know a robust defense of our country
will make a more profitable, predictable country.

They talk about being fiscally responsible,
but doing it by physically irresponsible --
weakening our citizens, society & nation.

We need strong Americans & a strong America.
Getting physically stronger is fiscally smarter.
Let's get fiscal -- and get physical.

And let's get together for a liberal libation
with like-minded lefties ready to chat
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

New Deal vs No Deal

Tax fairness is a pillar of a successful economy
but the GOP wants to further tax cuts for the rich
without saying how they'll pay for those cuts
...meaning working Americans will pay the tab.

Our social safety net has strengthened our society
but the Tea Party wants to slash entitlements
...yet won't name particular programs they'd cut.

We want revenue to keep our country running,
but conservatives argue for closing loopholes
...without showing how that can add up.

One side is arguing for a stronger America.
The other side isn't making an argument at all.

We want the New Deal.
They are offering No Deal.

At least we know who we're dealing with.

Deal yourself in for a coupe of rounds
of good conversation with great company
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.