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Drinking Liberally Shot of Truth

Pros and Cons (and Cohen)

Michael Cohen’s testimony revealed
more about Trump’s crimes and corruption,
more about GOP cowardice and complicity,
& confident competent questioning
by a new Democratic majority.

The breakdown in talks with North Korea
ended high theatrics of two power-mad men
and stalled the cause of peace
even while in the White House
explores the world for new wars.

The Democratic House makes progress
with a gun bill, family separation hearings,
voting to end the fake national emergency.
But GOP senators say little & do even less.

Progressive professionals on one side.
Conservative con men up and down the other.
It’s been week of pros and cons… and Cohen.
...With the Republicans showing themselves
to truly be the party of Don the Con.

Many reasons to talk & a few to toast
as you share dialogue and drinks
at your local progressive social club.

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99 Problems but The Wall Ain't One

Temperature & the seas are rising
but GOP denies climate science,
deride the ambitious Green New Deal
and tweet jokes about ferocious weather.

Trump continues to attack the Mueller probe
as a new AG moves toward ending it.
The hawks in the administration hunger
for action in Venezuela, war in Iran.

The wealthiest see their power increase
while the rest see tax returns go down.
Health care is being undermined
& lobbyists control dozens of agencies.

Yet Trump's illegal unconstitutional act
to declare a fake emergency
& seize funds from other agencies
to build a racist, wasteful border wall
as part of his anti-immigrant agenda.

We've got 99 emergencies
but the wall ain't one.

Take to the streets, the phones, the airwaves
& tonight, take time for a pint & your pals
at your local progressive social club.

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The People-Power of Love Over the Politics of Hate

On Valentine's Day, Congress is voting
to shut down Trump's wall fantasy,
but fund his vile deportation machine,
in order to avoid another shutdown.

A judge puts Manafort in the hot seat,
while the Senate gives Trump a new AG.
The House votes against the Yemen War
while Trump's team itches for new wars
in Venezuela, Iran ... or at our border.

And on the anniversary of Parkland,
though masses took to the streets
& at last the House takes up gun violence,
nothing yet has changed to mend
the broken hearts of our nation.

There's not much to love in a politics
that leaves behind immigrants,
survivors of sexual assault,
victims of gun violence & so much more.

But on Valentine's Day we can take heart
in those who took to the streets & the polls,
who fueled movements & a Blue Wave,
& the new class of members of Congress
working with us to fight for our democracy.

And maybe people-power we love
will find strength over the politics of hate.

Join us for a lovely, lively night
of liberals, libations & laid back chit-chat
at your local progressive social club.

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Two Parties' Problems. One Party's Solutions.

In a painfully long, boring, deceptive speech,
Trump lied, deflected, demonized, attacked,
with immigrants, investigations & abortions
central to his venomous invective.

In a short, clear, moving response,
Stacey Abrams spoke about voting rights,
climate change, human dignity
& a society where we thrive together.

AOC & Dem hopefuls push a Green New Deal,
a vision to tackle the climate crisis.
Trump & fellow right-wingers
tweet jokes about the weather.

Virginia reminds us that racism & assault
aren't gone from the Democratic Party.
GOP refusal to address either reminds us
accountability is gone from the Republican Party.

We're facing some big problems together.
And each party has its own problems.
At least one party is offering solutions.
Let's hope solutions win over shutdowns
& new accountability over a national emergency.

Get a beer, share some cheer (or a jeer)
with like-minded lefties over liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you

A Venti of Over-Caffeinated Politics

The shutdown is over (for now),
but Congress is sprinting against a deadline,
Trump may still declare a national emergency
& we may be on a countdown to shutdown again.

Trump attacks U.S. intelligence agencies
for their assessment of North Korea & Iran,
attacks the DOJ for charging Roger Stone,
as he sends more troops to our border
& ponders military action in Venezuela.

Billionaire Howard Schultz of Starbucks
tests an independent presidential campaign
by attacking Democrats & progressive ideas
without promoting ideas of his own.

Politics in the age of Trump often resembles
a venti-sized cup of recklessness & hypocrisy
but this week has has added to the drink
a double shot of destructive absurdity.

If you're over-caffeinated by the chaos,
cool off with comrades and conversation
at your local progressive social club.

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The State of the Union is ... Canceled

The State of the Union is furloughed
by a tantruming White House,
cowardly GOP Senate
& white supremacist desire
to build a wasteful, unpopular wall.

The State of the Union is confused,
anxious, angry, annoyed, frightened:
from hundreds of thousands of families
who aren't getting yet another paycheck
to the rest of us watching the impact
on our communities & economy.

The State of the Union is fractured
by MAGA hats, Twitter rants,
right-wing news echo chambers,
& televised fearmongering & lies.

And Trump's State of the Union
... is canceled. For now.
Maybe that's the only silver lining
in the midst of this shutdown nonsense.

From Harris to Gilibrand to Castro,
more Dems are jumping in to 2020
to improve the State of the Union --
in the meantime it's up to the rest of us
to call out the Trump GOP shutdown
& care for each other along the way.

Whatever your state of mind,
join our union of drinks & discussion
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

The Republicans' Broken Record

The GOP can decry Steve King
while standing in terrified lockstep
behind Trump's racist rants, tweets
& vision for a white supremacist wall.

They refuse to reopen the government,
despite a near-unanimous vote in December,
but have time to support an AG nominee
opposed to women's rights, immigrant rights
& disinterested in Trump's corruption.

More evidence of Trump-Russia collusion
yet the GOP won't stop Trump
from lifting sanctions on Russian oligarchs.
They won't stand up to him on anything.

Thus, the longest shutdown in history,
due to the most outlandish tantrum
over the most racist, wasteful Wall
dreamed up by a most heinous man,
enabled by the most cowardly GOP
of the most timid, hypocritical members --
giving 800,000 workers the most anxiety
& the U.S. the biggest headache & heartache.

The Republicans are making history—
and they'll run on this record-setting mess
because they have no other record to run on.

If the news sounds like a broken record,
share fresh ideas & a fresh pint
at you local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you

There is a National Emergency in the White House

We're approaching the longest shutdown
& 800,000 workers prepare to miss a paycheck,
all because Trump wants $5 billion in ransom
& the GOP is too scared to say no to his wall.

The administration tear gasses immigrants,
separates families, puts kids in cages,
children have died in U.S. custody
& the right to seek asylum is being criminalized,
but Trump takes over the national airwaves
to claim that immigrants are criminals.

Now, the "great deal-maker" is desperate
& he may declare a national emergency
to use defense money to build a wall,
illegally & autocratically seizing new powers.

Trump is right: There is a national emergency.
It's the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania
& the cowardly party that refuses to rein him in.

Time to shut him up, wrap up the shutdown
& shut off the power to this madman.

Come to discuss, debate, dream & drink,
the gov is closed, but hearts & minds are open
at your local progressive social club.

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Makes You Want to Swear!

Trump & the GOP feel no desire
to open the gov & get workers paid
as they insist on a racist, wasteful wall.
But a new House will arrive today
ready for a clean vote to end the shutdown.

Lobbyists & cronies take over the cabinet,
a Boeing exec at DOD, oil lobbyist at Interior,
coal lobbyist at EPA, Big Pharma at Health.
The incoming House Democrats first bill
will tackle corruption & strengthen democracy

Trump denies the record on Russian meddling,
denies intel on Khashoggi murder,
denies the science on our climate crisis.
The new House is getting ready to investigate,
Trump's entire criminal operations
& to fight for ideas like a Green New Deal.

Witnessing the Trump GOP mayhem
is enough to make you want to swear!
Even better, it makes you want to swear in
the most diverse, female & progressive
House Democratic majority in history.

Toast a new House, roast the old right wing
& I swear you'll have good company
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

What a Total Shut-Head

Trump shut down the government
with a temper tantrum over a wall
that nobody wants and won't work.

He fires his Defense Secretary,
who had quit in a sharp rebuke,
loses the head of anti-ISIS coalition
& his Chief of Staff is about to walk out.

His Christmas message was as partisan
as his message to the troops,
who he lied to, compromised the location of,
and stumped for 2020 in front on

He threatens to fire the head of the Fed,
his Treasury Secretary nearly starts a panic
& insults a 7-year-old for believing in Santa.

All along, the shutdown continues
with hundreds of thousands of workers
not knowing if they'll get their paychecks.

He's full of shut, running a shut-show
& without doubt is a total shut-head.

if only he'd shut his mouth & tweets,
that's one shutdown we'd support.

Mark the holidays, share news & views,
prep for a new year with liberal cheer
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.