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Drinking Liberally Shot of Truth

Foundation Crumbling, Wall Tumbling, GOP Fumbling

The Republicans treat governing like a game,
pushing us within hours of a shutdown,
fighting over Trump's racist, wasteful wall,
and promising another showdown in 6 weeks.

Trump's rushing to aid the Russians,
lifting sanctions on Putin's oligarch pals,
and still standing solid with the Saudis
against his own intelligence agencies.

His foundation follows his university,
combusting under criminal corruption,
as his campaign, administration, company
& inaugural committee all head the same way.

The foundation has crumbled,
the wall has tumbled, Trump has fumbled
& the Republicans have bumbled.

The House of Republicans has fallen,
but for Trump's House of Cards to crash
will require a Grand Old Party of Fools & Cronies
to finally turn on the madman in the White House.

If that happens, it'll be a Christmas miracle.
It may seem dark, but remember after the solstice,
we always resume a journey to the light.
Until then, let's keep seeing what gifts
Mueller and voters leave under the tree.

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Pretty Pleas?

Trump's personal fixer Michael Cohen
is going to prison after pleading guilty,
while Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn's
sentences are coming next.

Federal prosecutors say Trump
directed Cohen to commit felonies,
& even the National Enquirer
is admitting it paid hush money
to try to impact the election.

And Trump's losing his mind & his temper
throwing a tantrum over his border wall,
like a man-baby acting out on live TV,
leading to a new word: the TanTrump.

Maybe Trump should learn to say please.
Or maybe, given all his legal trouble,
he should learn to say "pretty pleas."

So much news to discuss, debate & devour
as you share a pitcher and pitch ideas
at your local progressive social club.

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At Least He's No Trump. (Or Was He?)

He accelerated the climate crisis
by ignoring scientific consensus
and mocking environmentalists.

He ushered in a cadre of cronies
-- kleptocrats serving big business,
power-mad menaces with global designs
& a laughable culture warrior as VP.

All the while, building a family brand
off the wealth & position he was born into,
where his children amassed power,
wealth, prestige -- all unearned.

But at least George H.W. Bush
wasn't Donald Trump?

Many pundits mourn Bush's passing
recalling service, civility & global diplomacy,
but Big Money, Big Oil, Big Military all know
their Bush-era agenda is alive and well.

Maybe the Bushes have more in common
with the current administration
than they & their mourners want to admit.
How's that for a legacy ...

Whether you're bidding farewell to a past president
or contending with a current White House occupant,
come share a drink, a memory, a holiday season wish
at your local progressive social club.

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Amidst Tears & Fears, Searching for Cheers

While Trump stands by the Saudi regime,
the Senate takes a bipartisan vote
rebuking Trump & forwarding debate
to end the US role in the Yemen crisis.

Families fleeing violence
find themselves fleeing again
as they're met with tear gas
rather than compassion at the border.

Manafort lied to investigators,
possibly fishing for a pardon,
while Cohen pleads guilty,
digging for a lighter sentence
& digging a hole for the whole Trump team.

Trump may attack immigrants & Mueller
while defending murderous regimes—
but bipartisan votes rebuke him,
investigators are closing in on him
& voters are sending a new House
—a 40 seat flip!—to check him.

Even amidst the tears, fears & jeers,
there are hopeful glimmers that give cheer
& together we'll show compassion he lacks
as we enter into the holiday season.

So come say "cheers" with political pals
as you share a night of liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

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A Turkey in Every Despot

Trump defends the Saudi regime,
dismissive of their complicity in murder,
making the White House into a mouthpiece
for the house of Saud.

He appoints a loyalist to the DOJ
to undermine Mueller's investigation,
as news breaks he sought to "order"
probes of his political critics & enemies.

As families gather for Thanksgiving,
he separates troops from their families,
through his stunt of militarizing the border
& seeks to tear immigrant families apart.

He claims voter fraud where there's none,
attacks the press as "enemies of the people,"
his administration points fingers
& fiddles while California burns.

There was a time when politicians
ran on a better life for regular folks,
promising "a turkey in every pot."

Now we have a fool who admires,
praises and seeks to mimic
every strongman and dictator he sees,
making himself into a fawning fool --
the turkey in every despot.

Thankful for liberal company & a Blue Wave?
Then share a holiday toast
at your local progressive social club.

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Drip ... Drip ... Drip ...

As votes trickle in across the country
so do more Democratic victories
for Senate, House, state & local
making recounts even tighter.

Opposition to Whitaker rises,
some GOP senators talk tough,
House Dems get ready to subpoena,
rumors of indictments circulate
as the Mueller probe closes in.

Facebook's facade is fracturing,
the Saudi cover-up cracking,
and rumors are flying
of Cabinet members fleeing.

Sometimes the news comes in a rush.
Sometimes it's just a steady drip
that topples barriers, tumbles corporate power
or even takes down regimes.

And right now, we're hearing:
"Drip ... drip ... drip."

The Blue Wave took the House
& Mueller is taking names --
but we also all must take a moment
to send love & relief to California
& take action against climate change
and to support all our communities.

Swap your views & share the news
as you lift a glass & raise you voice
with your local progressive social club.

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Elections Matter

The Blue Wave took back the House,
sending diverse progressives into power,
rebuking Trump & demoting the GOP.
Elections matter.

While some big races came up short
& the GOP flipped a few Senate seats red,
women candidates, candidates of color
& bold ideas won local, state & federal races.
Elections matter.

And desperate Trump attacked CNN,
then attacked the GOP candidates,
attacked Sessions & now attacks Mueller.
Elections matter.

We still need to fix our broken voting system.
Confront structural racism & white supremacy.
Beat back Trump's constant attacks.
Win the Senate. And the White House.

But today, we're one step closer
even as we take off our voting sneakers
& put on our protest boots
to head out to defend democracy once again.

Go rally to protect the Mueller investigation,
then raise a toast to Tuesday's victories,
as well as to the champs who just fell short
at your local progressive social club.

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Vote Like It's Your Birthright

How do you respond to Trump's fear offensive,
attacking the Constitutional basis of citizenship,
militarizing the border, stoking anti-immigrant animus?
You vote on November 6.

How to deal with Brian Kemp's attempts in Georgia
to suppress votes from communities of color
while skipping a debate to stump with Trump?
You vote on November 6.

How do you respond to violence—
anti-semitic, racist, anti-Muslim, xenophobic—
from Pittsburgh to Kentucky to the MAGA bomber?
Like the Pittsburgh vigil attendees chanted:
"Vote. Vote. Vote."

Trump's attacking birthright citizenship
because he's scared of the majority of our citizens.
In 5 days, let's give him reason to be afraid.
Vote like it's your birthright. Because it is.

If you can't vote, already voted, or are planning to,
you can also spend every day and hour
though when the polls close on Nov 6
getting out the vote!
Talk to neighbors & family, join campaigns,
make a plan, bring your + 1
& let's count every vote & make every vote count.

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Explosive Mail and Explosive Males

Explosive devices found in the mail
target Democratic leaders, activists & media.
Yet Trump's been claiming liberals are violent
as he tours the country fomenting anger.

Trump & GOP candidates in close races
claim terrorists are among traveling migrants,
use anti-Semitic tropes against protesters,
accuse Dem candidates of being unpatriotic.

And as GOP candidate lie about health care,
double-down on championing Kavanaugh
& seek to suppress voters across the USA,
we have 12 days to defuse the right wing.

Authorities are defusing explosive mail.
Only voters can disable these explosive males
that are desperately & divisively running the GOP.

Count down the days, lift up a glass,
and share your hopes & fears with friends
at your local progressive social club.

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November Is Coming

Mitch McConnell says rising deficits
will require cuts to Social Security,
Medicare and Medicaid --
deficits caused by tax gifts to billionaires.

Donald Trump takes the Saudi ruler's word
about the disappearance—and likely murder—
of a dissident journalist, even comparing
the accusations against Saudi Arabia
to the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

GOP candidates, facing slumping polls,
double down on suppressing voters,
racist attacks, anti-immigrant fear-mongering
and outright lies about health care.

And meanwhile the world's in climate crisis
yet Trump & the GOP deny, deny, deny.

In the face of all this, there's one reminder:
November is coming.

In fact, with the expansion of early voting,
it's Election Day somewhere.
Basically, November is already here.

If you love democracy & would like a drink,
come countdown to Election Day & share a night
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.