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Drinking Liberally Shot of Truth

The Non-Art of the Non-Deal

Trump scuttles talks with North Korea
with mangled logic, a miserable letter
& shows that like with the Iran accord
he's just not interested in diplomacy.

He won't sit for a Mueller interview,
instead demonizing the investigation.
He won't work on a Dream / DACA deal
instead appealing to his xenophobic base.

He's lashing out on Twitter
& told by courts he can't block critics.
He's attacking women's health nationally
to strike a blow against Planned Parenthood.
And he can't stick a tariff policy 2 days in a row.

The only deal this deal-maker's made
is getting the NFL to turn on its own players.

He prides himself on the art of the deal,
but with Trump, it's the non-art of the non-deal
...and with his cabinet of kleptocrats
& family business, more like the art of the steal.

Join us to vent, rant, drink & dream
with like-minded lefties and liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

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What the Kremlin and the NRA Have in Common

Trump escalates violence in the Middle East,
recklessly moves the U.S. Embassy,
destroys any prospects for peace,
& now could derail North Korea talks.

He calls immigrants "animals,"
he calls Mueller a witch-hunt,
& attacks investigations into his campaign
as a scandal bigger than Watergate.

Kushner's getting bailed out by Qatar,
Sheldon Adelson's buying his agenda in DC,
& Cohen was getting payments from Trump
despite long-running claims to the contrary.

And now a Republican-led committee reports
the Kremlin used the NRA to access Trump
& influence American elections.

What do the Kremlin & the NRA have in common?
They both wanted to see Trump in power --
and both are seeing a good return on investment.

Oliver North. Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump.
If only it were the set-up for a bad joke.

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The Ignoble Prize

Millions of dollars from oligarchs & corporations
moved through a shell company controlled
by Michael Cohen, Trump's lawyer & gatekeeper
in a web of anti-democratic corruption .

Trump violates the Iran diplomatic deal
based on lies and fearmongering,
heightening the threat of a Mideast war
& tension with European allies.

Horrific actions of the New York AG
lead to the latest #MeToo resignation.
When will the blackmailing Missouri gov
& the White House assaulter-in-chief be next?

And Trump says he's up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nobody's been Nobel-worthy this week.
But looking at the news there are plenty
of candidates for an Ignoble Prize.

If you need to sound off or shore up,
raise spirits, drown sorrows, or let of steam,
join your local, progressive social club.

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World Peace or a World in Pieces?

The Korean leaders take a historic step
on the road toward peace & diplomacy,
but Trump's assembled a war cabinet
that could scuttle talks & shatter the chance.

Pompeo, Trump & Netanyahu
take steps to shred the Iran nuclear deal,
raising tensions across the Middle East
& making clear what this administration
thinks about respect for diplomacy.

Meanwhile, Trump shuffles legal teams,
gets aggressive with Mueller's investigation,
threatens the deputy attorney general
& if his desperation turns to recklessness,
he could look to Weapons of Mass Distraction.

There are real opportunities to pursue
peace around the world --
and very real threats that this White House
could further shatter the world in pieces.

So much to discuss & to debate
as we delight in democratic discourse & drinks
at your local progressive social club.

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A Cabinet in Trump's Own Image

The anti-environment EPA head
is mired in corruption scandals,
preparing to blame his staff,
while dismantling environmental laws.

The anti-protection director
of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
advised bank lobbyists to donate more,
while dismantling the agency he runs.

And the unjust head of the DOJ,
a perjurer who recused from Russia probe,
refuses to recuse from the Michael Cohen case,
just to muddy the already filthy waters
in which the Trump team swims.

An anti-housing HUD head,
an anti-education Ed secretary,
& at Energy, a man who once campaigned
on abolishing the Department of Energy.

Welcome to the Trump Cabinet.
Corruption. Ignorance. Recklessness. Absurdity.
It really is a Cabinet in Trump's own image.

And that's before the new secretary of state
who believes in torture but not diplomacy,
and the nominee to head the VA,
mired in scandals of prescription abuse,
toxic workplaces & drunk driving.

The new Cabinet seems ready
to fit right in with the old.

If you need a drink & to share what you think
join like-minded lefties over liberal libations
at your local, progressive social club.

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Mass Destruction and Mass Distraction

Trump illegally fires missiles at Syria
helping no Syrians, making us no safer,
as part of no broader strategy,
and wishes he could have fired more.

He's pushing a secretary of state
who doesn't believe in diplomacy,
& sent him to liaise with North Korea
for talks it's not clear he takes seriously.

And he may be launching missiles & trade wars
to distract from legal & lascivious scandals
that are catching up to his closest cronies.

He fired missiles instead of Mueller,
but it's still unconstitutional, harmful, reckless,
as he uses mass destruction for mass distraction.

We deserve a drink. And some democracy.
Get both with liberals and libations
at your local progressive social club.

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Will Mueller, Missiles or the GOP Be Fired First

Trump's lawyer gets raided by the FBI,
Trump talks of firing Mueller or Rosenstein,
and Republicans are forced to consider
siding with democracy or a demagogue.

Syrian atrocities need less war, not more,
yet Trump tweets of missiles & Russia threats
& pushes an anti-diplomat for secretary of state
unless Dems stand up to pro-torture warmonger.

The Constitution & the world face crises
while the GOP faces a crises of it's own
as it's own Speaker Paul Ryan
decides it's time to flee the sinking ship.

Will Mueller or missiles be the first fired?
Or neither if we can get the GOP fired first.

Raise a drink for democracy
& hope that nobody & no missiles are fired
at your local progressive social club.

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Spring Fever or the Trump Flu?

We marked Easter, a holiday of rebirth,
while Trump assembles a cabinet of war,
the embattled EPA head poisons the Earth,
& GOP sides with the NRA over students.

We mark Passover, a holiday of liberation,
while Trump escalates anti-immigrant tactics,
readying National Guard for border patrol
& issuing quotas for immigration judges.

We kick off baseball season, a team sport,
with Pruitt under an ethics cloud,
Carson over his head, DeVos a trainwreck,
and those are the Trump team members
has hasn't fired & who haven't yet quit.

The rest of the world is welcoming spring,
but Trump seems to be readying for a fall.

The Trump team is sick, mad & ailing --
like they're all suffering a Trump-induced flu.
Maybe they're just taking "Spring Fever"
a little too literally.

Laughing, crying, or in between,
do it with friends & with a drink
at your local progressive social club.

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March for Our Lives. What's April for?

The March for Our Lives inspired the nation
& students across the country keep going,
calling for townhalls, walk-outs & action.
Yet the GOP Congress does nothing,
and the NRA sees a surge in donations.

Trump picks warmongers as his advisers,
itching for war with Iran, North Korea or both,
and seeks to reward pro-torture, anti-dipolamts
in his latest administration shake-ups.

Mueller seems to connect dots among
Trump advisers, vendors, staffers, relatives
--making leaders of both parties nervous
that Trump could try to fire him any day.

In March, we saw electoral victories,
emboldened progressives & inspired activism.
But ends with an unhinged White House
& an uncertain road ahead.

March for Our Lives -- What's April for?
April for our wins? Or April for Trump's wars?

April, as always, for fools - and DC is full of them.
But if we keep marching, registering, fighting,
maybe April showers will bring May flowers.

Share reflections, reactions & ideas for action
as you share a drink over what you think
at your local progressive social club.

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Lawyers, Liars, Lovers & Losers

One of Trump's lawyers quits the team,
after Trump launched attacks on Mueller,
days after forcing Sessions to fire McCabe
who may have authorized a probe of Sessions.

Cambridge Analytica's dark arts for Trump
have gotten it into deep trouble
and pulled Facebook into the deep end
of a debate about democracy & deception.

And yet another former lover
challenges another NDA
causing Trump another legal headache.

Mueller mulls the case against Trump,
but it might be a porn star or two
who burst the Trumpian bubble.

The liar is losing his lawyers,
laid low by his lovers,
and again proves he's the biggest loser.

Whether you're laughing or crying,
you deserve a drink — with friends! —
at your local, progressive social club.

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