A website devoted to nourishing the netroots, literally. Plan a progressive picnic. A wonky weenie roast. A green tea party. Are you hungry for change? Starved for some real conversation? Eating Liberally invites you to join your netroots neighbors for some good grub and great gab. The Eating Liberally menu also includes a blog, the Dispatch du Jour, and our All You Can Read buffet, with fresh links and resources to fill you up with all the news and information you can stomach about food, politics, and the politics of food. HOW DID EATING LIBERALLY GET STARTED? First came Drinking Liberally, followed by Laughing Liberally, Reading Liberally, and Screening Liberally. Lager and laughs, words and images; all well and good, but not a balanced diet. The netroots need feeding. Because you can’t save democracy on an empty stomach. WHO’S BEHIND EATING LIBERALLY? Just a couple of free-range, Omega 3-enhanced eggheads. We offset our excess consumption of corn-fed conventional media with a daily dose of fresh, grassroot-fed blogs. Matthew Rosenberg--computer consultant, early adopter and all-around high tech handyman--takes care of the techie stuff. Kerry Trueman, aka kat, writes about food, gardening, and politics, when she’s not busy landscaping edibly.
Kerry & Matt