The Carrot And The Shtick

Is it in bad taste for the Belgian food show "Plat Prefere"--literally, "Favorite Dish"--to run an episode featuring Hitler's favorite recipe (brown trout in butter sauce, in case you're wondering?) Gee, I don't know; let's ask The Shmethicist!

Shmetha-who? Well, the Shmethicist is a timely new feature from The Jew And The Carrot that addresses the culinary quandaries of flummoxed foodies. The Shmethicist's maiden column tackled the sticky, tricky problem of how to treat Halloween, and add a fair trade flavor to the festivities:

What better way to make people take notice than for your eight year-old to dress as an enslaved child laborer on a cocoa plantation? Sure, it’s tasteless and terrifying, but so is Hannah Montana, and you know that costume will be plenty popular this year.

So, was it was kosher for Madonna get all vegangelical on Guy Ritchie and force him to take his tea with rice milk, or was she being a schmuck? Ask the Shmethicist!