Chowdown For Democracy: The Living Liberally 2009 Celebration Menu

Eating Liberally is not, technically, a catering service. However, we do delight in dishing up tasty food seasoned with a dash of democracy and a sprinkling of subversion, when the occasion calls for it.

And this Saturday, May 30th, is one such occasion: our annual Living Liberally celebration, emceed by Air America's Sam Seder. Together with our Liberally colleagues, we'll be honoring Media Matters For America, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, and Jack & Jill Politics for their outstanding contributions to the progressive cause.

We've adapted some of our favorite recipes from Scott Stringer's Go Green East Harlem Cookbook for the event, adding a few twists of our own and plenty of farm fresh veggies from the Union Square Greenmarket, some grown right here in New York City! Here's what attendees to our gala will be noshing on:

Upstate/Downstate Beans ‘n’ Baby Greens: an urban/rural partnership of Cayuga Pure Organics pinto, kidney & black beans from Ithaca & Queens County Farm Museum micro salad greens: yes, we can all just get along!

Spicy Buffalo Wingnuts: humanely raised chicken wings marinated in a tangy, multi-ethnic blend of local, grass-fed yogurt, spices and hot peppers guaranteed to give Lou Dobbs indigestion.

Spicy Buffalo Wing-nots: a vegan version of the above, featuring our own made-from-scratch seitan in a silken tofu marinade.

Green-Collar’d Greens: …because farming is the ultimate green job! A fine mess o’ locally grown, tender young kale, collard, turnip & beet greens lightly sautéed with garlic & scallions.

Grassroot/Netroot Veggie Slaw: a rainbow coalition of locally grown heirloom beets, Japanese turnips, and carrots--which, unlike House Minority Leader John Boehner, get their orange hue naturally ‘cause they’re chock full of beta carotene.

No-More-Food-Desert Desserts: sweet treats high in fruits, grains and vegetables, just like every community should be, regardless of income!

(Additional note: The Borough President recorded an invitation for you all to join us...thought you might like to see. - justin)