A Devil Of A Proposition

Halloween's one of my favorite holidays--in fact, Matt and I chose to get married on Halloween, and today's our thirteenth anniversary. I can't help thinking how lucky I was to find a true partner who shares my passions and humors my hissy fits. It just confirms that I really made a great choice when I decided to be heterosexual. Oh, wait!--I didn't decide. I was just born that way.

And thank goodness, because I really appreciate the sense of security that comes with having a legally and socially sanctioned union. Imagine what it's like for life partners who are denied the same benefits because they happen to be gay. So many folks who oppose gay marriage claim they do so in the name of family values--as if gay people don't value their families, too. They argue, absurdly, that sanctioning a marriage between two men or two women would somehow devalue the whole institution and open the door to all kinds of aberrant combinations, like people and their pets embarking on a menagerie à trois, or something.

Speaking of animals, it's great to see that 60 percent of Californians currently favor Proposition 2--the bill to free farm animals from the most cruelly restrictive cages--while 27 percent oppose it.

But a frightening number of Californians--44 percent--apparently wants to shove gay couples back into the closet via Proposition 8, the measure to ban gay marriage. The latest polls show that 49 percent of Californians are against Proposition 8, so that contest is too close to call. Evidently, concern for penned-in poultry is greater than compassion for same-sex soul mates. How scary is that?

Wow, KAT, I always enjoy

Wow, KAT, I always enjoy your posts, always find them extremely informative, and reading them makes me feel like we can make a difference.
I thought that was a main thrust of Living Liberally.
Thanks for keeping an eye out for us all!
and for your fantastic writing!!!!!!!

Jack, I could not disagree


I could not disagree with you more. First, you don't seem to have read the post at all. The point was that the writer (Kat) is NOT gay and is expressing the desire that gay couples should be given the same rights. This is an issue of HUMAN RIGHTS. It is not only appropriate to point this out, it's imperative for any progressive/liberal to advocate this position. To do otherwise would be contrary to the very nature of a liberal progressive.

To Kat, please keep up the great work. I really enjoy your acerbic wit.

“Activism is my rent for living on this planet”

Alice Walker

Kal - This series of shrill,

Kal - This series of shrill, somewhat demented posts, all by you, under the license of satire, gives the world the impression that eating liberally is an intolerant organization that is out to deride and bash all those who don't like gays and are not liberals and vegans. These posts make living liberally look extremist.

This is hardly the typical viewpoint of the progressive movement or the average liberal. I'd suggest that you or the management of this site consider removing or revising these posts. They do more harm than good. I'd be embarrassed to show this site to the people I plan to invite to the reading liberally group I'm starting in Atlanta. It would be a huge turnoff. You seem to be tone deaf to the subtleties of social discourse, like a bull in a china shop.

I bumped into this page because I plan to attend an eating liberally event today, and wanted to check directions. Now I shudder to think what kind of group of people are going to be at that cafe at 11AM. Should I even go?

If you want a platform to remind others you are gay and what your values are, and attack others for not sharing your values, then it appears to me that this is not the appropriate place.

Jack Harich