Knocked-Up Teen Cuisine

Trig Palin's not the only member of the Palin household with special needs. Now that 17 year-old Bristol's havin' a baby with her hunky high school dropout, she's got special prenatal nutritional needs, dontcha know.

But Bristol's mom is presumably too busy carvin' our country up into pro- and anti-American chunks right now to worry about whippin' up the kind of nutritious, high-fiber meals that Bristol needs to eat to stay well during her pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.

Not to worry--the culinary whizzes over at Kitchen Caravan rode to the rescue with a simple, delicious recipe for salmon noodle casserole that's so easy anyone could make it--even Bristol and the 750,000 or so other underage American girls who flunked Contraception 101 this year.

Apparently, our kids have fallen so far behind when it comes to science and math that they can't figure out the most basic biological equation: boy plus girl minus birth control equals unplanned pregnancy.

Well, we may be falling behind the rest of the industrialized world in a thousand different ways, but the U.S. still boasts the highest teen birth rate. Oh, and we've got the highest rate of incarceration, too. Go, team--when it comes to getting knocked up and locked up, we're number one!