Please Help Send Me To "Hopenhagen"

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The "Climategaters"--or "Swifthackers," if you prefer--are gleefully crowing that those hacked emails offer definitive proof that global warming is a massive hoax perpetrated by a vast left-wing conspiracy.

But what the emails revealed was not so much flawed science, as flawed scientists. The evidence that global warming is real is overwhelming. This hacking was clearly timed to derail the UN climate talks in Copenhagen, where a successful outcome was already far from certain.

Which is why I'm asking you to help make me Huffington Post's "Hopenhagen Ambassador" (click HERE to vote). The winner will be provided with press credentials and flown to Copenhagen to cover the UN climate summit as HuffPo's citizen journalist.

This is Obama's opportunity to reverse eight years of obstructionism and demonstrate genuine leadership, and it's my opportunity to show that he's got the grassroots support he needs to muster the political will to stand up to the climate deniers, all the drillers and the shillers, who are feeding the notion that climate change is just a liberal fraud.

At Eating Liberally we galvanize the grassroots and the netroots to help spread the word about industrial agriculture's enormous carbon footprint. We celebrate a more fulfilling, less stuff-filled way of life--true patriotism means being a citizen first and foremost, not a consumer.

The US has the unfortunate distinction of being the only industrialized nation where a significant percentage of the population continues to question whether climate change is even real. The problem, as the Independent notes today, is that climate change is "the invisible enemy"--most folks don't yet perceive its impact on their immediate lives, leaving them susceptible to the notion that global warming is just a hoax hatched by environmental extremists with a militant vegan bicyclist agenda.

Send me to Copenhagen as HuffPo's citizen journalist and I will use that soapbox to show the world that the blowhards can't stop the winds of change with their noxious bluster.