Host Your Own Eating Liberally Meal

How do I host an Eating Liberally event?

If you’d like to host an Eating Liberally event in your neck of the woods, please contact us and provide us with a phone number where we can reach you. Email us at [email protected].

We’ll help you in the following ways: by providing space on our website to promote your event; e-mail services; suggesting menus and recommending recipes to help you plan your progressive potluck.

What are the guidelines for Eating Liberally?

It has to be free – Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible; this means no admission and no membership dues. So how do you finance the food that any Eating Liberally event must, by definition, include?

One option is to provide the food yourself and suggest that participants help feed the “Eating Liberally Kitty” to offset your costs.

Once you’ve got a core group of EL regulars established, it’s possible to go the potluck route and delegate the preparation of particular dishes to the more culinarily competent who are willing and able to contribute.

A third option is to find an inexpensive, cafeteria-style eatery that’s receptive to having a group of people gather on their premises to have a bite and hang out.

The Food provided should reflect Eating Liberally’s sustainable sensibility—We’re out to raise awareness of all the environmental, political, socio-economic and health issues surrounding our food choices. We encourage you to offer food that’s organic and/or local whenever possible, but we realize that this isn’t feasible for everyone. So we simply ask that you strive to steer clear of food that’s full of trans-fats and factory farm-raised meats or poultry. Avoid anything with an agribusiness aftertaste if you can.

Eating Liberally can't be "presented by" any other group. Other Democratic Clubs, campaigns, grassroots groups are welcome to co-host and support the event, but Eating Liberally is its own organization. That is, please say "Eating Liberally and the Anytown Democratic Club invite you to..." rather than "The Anytown Democratic Club presents Eating Liberally."

We ask you to stay in touch with us and keep us posted about your events -- this is critical as we grow and strengthen the “Liberally” network.

Eating Liberally does not officially endorse any candidates or political initiatives, or urge anyone to donate or volunteer for a campaign or vote for or against a candidate or candidates of a particular party. Please avoid having your chapter, or yourself in your capacity as a chapter leader, make endorsements or otherwise support or oppose particular candidates or ballot intiatives. More about our position on endorsements and our reasoning behind this.

  • While there are no direct costs for starting a chapter, and no membership dues, we ask each chapter to do its part to keep the network running, either engaging in Tipping Liberally at each meeting, or take part in our biannual pledge drives, encouraging their members to donate to keep the network going. Living Liberally is virtually unique among progressive membership-based networks in not having any kind of initial fees for starting, or joining a chapter. Maintaining a 300-chapter+ network is only possible if chapters offer opportunities for their members to voluntarily give, whether it's throughout the year, or during our pledge drive periods. (Think public radio.)

    And finally, we may, at some point, need to add to these guidelines, not to create bureaucracy or burden you, but to keep EL the fun, social space that makes it great, and comply with all applicable laws. By hosting an Eating Liberally event and accepting our support, you agree to follow these policies and procedures and any others in the future.

    Once you’ve spoken with us, we'll list your event on the site. Since "Eating Liberally" is our trademark, for legal reasons we need to give you official permission before you use the name or the logo, and need to limit use of the name and logo to only events listed on the site.