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Laughing Liberally Tucson Is Back

Laughing Liberally Tucson Comedy Showcase celebrated it's return on Sunday, March 29 at Sky Bar on 4th Avenue. A tremendously enthusiastic crowd welcomed our comics and had a great time as we lampooned national, state and local politics. The ninety minute show featured Ryan Malco, Adrew Conologue, Alex Kack, Andrew Horneman, Ben Dietzel, Nancy Stanley and host Phil Gordon. We were delighted to see many friends from Tucson's Drinking Liberally chapter in attendance. Everyone brought the funny but a highlight of the evening was a surprise visit from Republican candidate faux Ted Cruz. Cruz tried explaining to the audience that he is not Canadian but lost credibility as objects like hockey pucks and bottles of maple syrup began to appear mysteriously around him. Arizona's new Governor Doug Ducey was soundly roasted as were the Clintons and the Bushes. Another show best was Andrew Conologue's informative guide to Middle East Terrorist Organizations

Don't miss our next show, Sunday, April 26 at 7:00 pm and the last Sunday of every month. Many thanks to our new and excellent hosts, Sky Bar; 536 N. 4th Ave, Tucson.

Laughing Liberally Tucson Monthly Comedy Showcase (FREE)

Laughing Liberally Monthly Tucson Comedy Showcase (FREE) returns on Sunday March 29, 2015 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Make plans now to join us on the last Sunday every month at our new exciting location, Sky Bar at 536 N. 4th Avenue.

Rotating hosts Phil Gordon, Alex Kack and Ryan Malchow welcome Tucson's best and brightest comedians as we lampoon local, state and national politics. From Hillary's secret Emails to the Bush dynasty to Doug Ducey's jihad on Arizona education to legalized pot and pot holes we take 'em all on.

Join us as we save democracy...one laugh at a time.